8/10/19 Classic Safari Anyone?

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Anyone going on the T & K Classic leaving 8/10/19? Looking for guests to chat or others who have been for advice.


  • We are on the Aug 10 trip with another couple. Arriving Aug 9

  • Hey, finally someone on the same trip as my husband and me. We are arriving on August 8th. We are from Florida, and you are from?

  • We are from Chapel Hill and are arriving on Aug 9

  • The 4 of us are from St Louis.

  • Well, now we know there will be at least 8 people on the tour!

    RMB44 and Jill AD, is this your first African trip? It is for us.

  • Yes, it is our first trip to Africa. Looking forward to it.

  • Curious...what are you all taking in the way of luggage? We have the Duffels from Tauck but opened them and packed them flat to take up less room... we are bringing 1 carry-on each and 1 backpack each. I was hoping to be able to limit us to those but it doesn't happen so also bringing a medium suitcase that we will check through the flights. I called Tauck and they said that was okay as long as they fit the measurements which they do.

    We are flying from Orlando - Boston- Amsterdam - Arusha, and back from Nairobi the same except Atlanta instead of Boston. We will see you all on the 9th or the welcoming dinner! Also staying an extra day in Nairobi because of our flight schedule but using Tauck's Gift of Time for that hotel.

  • Also the first trip for all four of us to Africa. But I have wanted to go to this area for a long time. We met some others on a Tauck tour that had done this itinerary and loved it.
    We also will probably have one med checked bag and two carry ons and one back pack.
    You will see us in a lot of the same clothes as we plan on having laundry done.
    The other couple with us may just check two med bags. I’m afraid to check everything.
    We are flying St Louis to NY for a night then to Lisbon for 5 nights. The other couple wanted to go somewhere first to get used to time change since it’s a fast paced tour.
    Then Lisbon to Istanbul to Kilimanjaro.
    Home is Nairobi to Dubai then 15 hrs to Chicago then St Louis.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone.

  • We ended up with 1 med and 1 carry on for each of us plus our back packs. The duffel did fit better opened and flat. I am sure we are taking too much but won't be doing much laundry plus we always take too much!!! Look for two grey haired older folks, one with long grey/white hair and one with short grey/white hair!

  • Jill A D. You are lucky I read this thread. In Lisbon the restaurant, “Ha Tapas No Mercado” is great. My review and about 800 others are on Trip Advisor. They can only seat about a dozen inside so reservations are a must. Our party of six ate all their food, so they I had to close when we left. Don’t know where you are staying but it is only a ten minute cab ride from the Intercontinental where Tauck stays.

  • We were on the Tanzania/Kenya safari end June/beginning July---WONDERFUL trip. We took a total 2 medium suitcases, packed the duffels and our carry on was our day/backpack. This is a very casual trip--no dressy clothes needed.

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