How do I edit?

I am finding that once I post a comment, I can no longer figure out how to edit a post when I have realized I still made a spelling error despite proof reading before I originally posted. Can anyone help here?


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    Click the small "gear" in the top right of your post and that will allow you to edit or delete it.

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    Thanks Ed!

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    edited July 2019

    More about the forum software.

    Some of you were asking about quoting and the other editing features of the old forums. I recently noticed that in the little annotation below the text box that says "You can use Markdown in your post," the word "Markdown" is a link which you can follow to read about Markdown if you want or until your eyes glaze over. :#

    It turns out "Markdown" (there are several versions) is what I would call HTML "light" (HTML, hyper-text markup language, is a common computer formatting language used in websites, etc.). Unlike HTML, Markdown has a very extremely limited number of features and is really not suited for publishing.

    Obviously one of those features of the old forum was a more robust "Quote" (I posted how to do a workaround). You also probably noticed that other text formatting such as "underline" and "text color" are also missing. (I used both with the old forum to make links stand out)

    I found a way to do underline but have not been successful figuring out how to change the color of text.

    To underline text, type a less-than symbol "<", the letters "ins" then a greater than symbol ">" then the text to be underlined followed by "<" "/" "ins" ">" (do not type the quotation marks.

    One small step . . . . . :D

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