Any advice or comments.

We are booked for the river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam in early October of this year. Any advice on what to bring to wear or things that we must see that aren't on the tour. We are spending two extra days in Budapest and three in Amsterdam. Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated.


  • I wrote a lengthy trip report after our cruise May/June this year posted on this forum category. Hopefully you find some useful info there.

    One recommendation I made later in the thread was to keep a plastic room key card from your hotel stay and use it in your stateroom.

    The main dress up occasion is the night in Vienna. Otherwise nice casual is fine for on board. Day wear is what ever the weather dictates. We were on the Rhine a few years ago in Oct and mostly got cool weather with several rains. I wore a hooded lined rain coat from Lands End and gloves several days. Gloves, hats, scarves can be found if needed. On that cruise there were few dresses and even fewer men's jackets.

    Let me know if I can answer other questions or clarify what I wrote before.

  • Bonnie, we were just back from Amsterdam and stayed 3 extra days after our Rhine Enchantment Cruise. We have already been to Anne Frank house, but that would have been our number one destination, you probably know you have to book tickets online as soon as they go on sale. We booked on line tickets for the Van Gogh museum, also something best done well in advance, it was very different since we there 27 years ago, an extra building. Time wise it took us 3 hours to do it thoroughly, it would have taken us a little less than that at Mr B’s museum pace, but not much. We pre booked tickets for the Rijks museum, 6 hours to go round thoroughly. We pre booked the Royal Palace, fabulous to go round. We prebooked the Van Loon house, an old canal house home of a wealthy family. We prebooked the Rembrandt house, really interesting. Tauck surprised us all with a choice of three different museums on the last day of the tour, the place we chose, darn, can’t remember but another wealthy family Canal house...I’ve not done anything about recording or a photo book yet, The handbag and purse museum and the History of Amsterdam museum which people enjoyed. The flower market this time round for me was a disappointment. we also went to the ‘New’ Church right by the Palace where the royals get married and are crowned. 3 very full days in 100 degree weather and extremely crowded.

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