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Hello, we are considering this trip and would love to see some feedback from those who recently went. Since Tauck still doesn't post reviews on the trip page, some pros/cons from recent trips would be most appreciated. Thank you!!!!


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    Taxare, I took this trip 5 years ago, so my comments are a bit dated. We really enjoyed this tour. Seville, Grenada, and Madrid were my favorite stops. We visited during late May. It was a wonderful time, with festivals in many of the cities, specifically Grenada. The sidewalk cafes in the three cities I called out were wonderful. Grenada is popular spot for bachelor and bachelorette parties (I guess it has cheap liquor). We saw sever of these groups. Each group tended to were similar outfits with the bride/groom dress in something special, oftentimes quite humorous. Seville is a very beautiful city and the included carriage ride is quite enjoyable. We happened to be in Madrid at the time that the King abdicated, which made it quite interesting. One evening we went to dinner and on the way back to the hotel one of the plazas had filled up with protestors who wanted to eliminate the monarchy. It was peaceful, but there were enough protestors and police that I wasn't confident that would be the case. The only downside was that there were some lengthy bus rides. I'll post a few pictures.
    One of the bachelor parties in Grenada. Generalife, part of the Alhambra, in Grenada.
    Buggy ride in Seville. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in Madrid.

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    Taxare - we took the Paradors trip in 2015 and loved it so much that we took the Spain and Portugal trip the next year. That trip was wonderful as well. It looks like there have been some minor changes to the Spain and Portugal itinerary since then. I highly recommend both tours. They are among our favorites. The hotels, the food, the wine, the sights - fabulous. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

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    We recently returned from the ‘small ship’ version of Spain and Portugal aboard the Wind Surf. We enjoyed it very much. May would be a better month than July. We had ‘cooler’ weather than the previous and following weeks, but it was still hot. We did lots of walking, and there were many stairs in some places.

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    Thanks very much, I appreciate the info and pictures! Sealord, I think I would enjoy the Wind Surf, but my wife not so much...she needs a bigger vessel. I did read your comments on the other thread. Good for you for doing so great with recent knee replacement! Lotusgirl, as I study it a bit more, I will likely have questions! This would be our next Tauck trip after K&T in 2020. Sounds like an interesting and enjoyable two weeks!

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    You might not think the Wind Surf is a big boat. It is the largest sailboat in the world ... over 550 feet long with five 220 foot masts. I know the Med can get rough, but we had ‘no’ noticeable ship movement on our trip. We have done at least eight trips on the Wind Surf, and in the Caribbean we have been tossed around a bit. But in the Baltic and the Med we have had nothing but smooth sailing. Actually, we like the ship to move. Our last trip in that regard was a disappointment. (;-)

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