My husband and I (ages 68 and 70) have signed up for Jan 29, 2020 Patagonia tour which includes Chile and Argentina. At the end of that tour we will spend more time in Argentina (San Carlos de Boriloche and Iguazu Falls) and then on to Brazil (Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls and Rio). We will do this part on our own.
My doctor recommended typhoid, malaria, hepatitus A, yellow fever, and tetanus shots.
That's a lot of vaccines! I am just curious if others are getting this "shot up" and is it really necessary based on traveling to major tourist destinations. Thank you.


  • Everyone should have Hep A and tetanus shots whether you travel or not. We took the Patagonia tour last year and loved it. We already had the Yellow Fever shot. Does the CDC or any of the countries require it, I can’t recall. If you are going to be doing more exotic travel, then you should consider the Yellow Fever. I assume your doctor knows your history and thinks you are suitable for the shots.
    Be prepared for high winds, we needed four layers top and bottom and hat and hood at times. At home in PA, I often take my morning walk in winter without a coat, but not there.

  • I was on this trip last year over Xmas/New Years, a month or so after British. It must have warmed up considerably, as I never needed more than a light jacket and think I wore a hat once. Bring a tight brimless hat such as a ski hat. I had a baseball cap, too, but was afraid it wouldn't stay on my head. What everyone says about the wind there is absolutely true. As you'll be there in the middle of their summer, I wouldn't expect you'll need multiple layers. Expect it to be very hot in Santiago and BA (and Brazil).

    Re vaccinations, I had Typhoid/HepA for a China trip a few years ago. Tetanus should be updated even if you don't travel. Yellow fever and malaria are recommended/necessary for Brazil. You don't need it for the Tauck itinerary. Also, start now. Some of the vaccines require multiple injections over 6 months.

    It was a great trip.

  • Thank you British and BKMD for your response. I sure hope it is warmer in January than British described! We are from Texas and love the heat, hate the cold. We were in Scotland in May and thought it was cold and then Iceland in June was freezing (mostly due to wind).We will definitely be prepared on this trip. One more question, we don't eat beef or pork. Were there seafood options for the meals?

  • I suggest you write a short note to Tauck about your rmeal requirements, they are very cooperative if you let them know ahead of time

  • Liz-Beef is VERY big in Argentina, but they will make accommodations. My daughter and her boyfriend were with me on this trip. They are both vegetarians and the TD made sure everything was right for them.

  • Thank you, that's a relief. I will contact Tauck. We have only been on one other Tauck tour as we like to plan our own. That was Peru and Bolivia and we had no problem eating there. However I know Argentina is all about beef..

  • Meals begin very late on this tour, and service is slow, quite often you are only finished eating after 10pm. Morning starts are early, so it’s quite tiring. If I remember there is quite a lot of lamb offered. But some of the hotels are fantastic, our favorite was the SingularPatagonia. You even get a free half hour massage there. We upgraded to one hour each. Travelled with Tauck a lot, makes you quite lazy about booking trips on our own unless it’s just going to one destination.

  • British, thanks for the info on meals. 10pm is past our bedtime! However I’m sure we will adapt. You are so right about Tauck changing your mind about planning your own itinerary. They make everything effortless. However my husband loves a flexible schedule and he loves to drive. We will rotate his trips with mine. My next Tauck trip will be Australia and New Zealand.

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