Amsterdam to Budapest versus Prague to Budapest Itineraries

We are having difficulty choosing between the 15 day river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest and the 12 day land/river cruise from Prague to Budapest. We would welcome any opinion of those of you who may have travelled both or one of the above. Thank you!


  • We just did the Budapest to Amsterdam in June and I posted a long trip report in that category. It was our fourth Tauck river cruise. Our 1 week Rhone cruise is still our favorite because it was the first but this was a close second. Good variety of sights, excellent food, lots of options depending on how physically active you wish to be and most ports the ship was docked within walking distance so little bus time.

    Other than itineraries one difference between the cruises is the ship class. The longer cruise uses the shorter Tauck ships. They are very nice and have been recently remodeled but don't have the very popular loft staterooms that are available on the Savor and Joy. They also carry fewer passengers.

  • We are going on the land trip from Budapest-Vienna-Prague (Imperial Europe) in September 2019. We had been considering a river cruise, but decided on land for a few reasons. We don't really love being on a boat, but we thought it would be a convenient way to see these cities. However, we realized that by arriving a day early and staying a day late, we had to move our luggage several times anyway so it wasn't more convenient than a land tour. Plus, we want to eat in local restaurants along the way as opposed to eating a lot of meals on the boat. Just one person's view....

  • Westportia, I agree that it's great to get to try local food specialties but the reality on Tauck land tours is that a good number of meals are ala carte from the hotel menus and all too often the 4 and 5 star hotels seem more focused on gourmet than the food ordinary people in that country eat. Obviously for the lunches and dinners you're on your own you can go for that. This last cruise the ship's chefs did a great job of providing both local and more general choices. The nightly dinner menus always had 2-3 regional choices. I took photos of the menus and will try to post some tomorrow or at least a list of foods. This is an area i believe they have really improved on compared to past cruises.

  • Thank you to everyone for responding! All comments were very helpful. Thank you, Claudia, for posting a report of your trip.

  • Hello Westportia! Might we, perchance, be on the same land trip 9/21/19? Like you, we like to go in early (and stay late, too!) My husband and I from NC are looking at some day trip and experience options right now for both Warsaw and Prague and seeking suggestions.

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