British Air pilots set to strike 9/9, 9/10, and 9/27

BA pilots rejected an offer from management and have now set the first dates for their strike. September 9, 10, and 27 are now set as strike days. BA is in the process of determining which flights will have to be canceled or rescheduled. A more detailed notice is on their website under the heading, "Important information if you are flying with us this September." They are endeavoring to make as many flights as possible on those days by leasing planes and crews from other airlines and shuffling their available planes and crews. However, it is expected that most flights will be canceled on those days. They will be contacting affected customers.


  • I just read a follow up article says that some flights had also been canceled 9/8-9/12. There is apparently a great deal of confusion, with some passengers being told their flights were canceled and then BA saying never mind - not canceled.

  • Yes, people have been interviewed saying their flights have been cancelled. Still time for things to be sorted, but if you already booked something else, that’s a nightmare.

  • It looks like the BA nonstop flights from MIA to LHR have been cancelled on September 9. There are no nonstops available that evening and the one nonstop AA flight has gone from 2/3 full to sold out in one day, so they must have put as many of the BA passengers on that flight as possible.

  • British Airways Error Sends Out False Flight Cancellation Emails

    The email was only supposed to be sent to customers who were flying on the days of the strike and presumably on flights that might be affected. Instead of this, British Airways sent out the email to passengers whose flights would be operating normally, telling them that their flight was canceled and they needed to rebook or apply for a refund.

    See the full story at the link:

  • We just avoided BA and terminal five! I’m normally a One World flyer but could not find something reasonable to Nice and return from Malta. Tauck put together a good trip on Star Alliance. One stop SFO - Montreal - Nice. And one stop Malta - Munich - SFO. I think I like it! The Tauck itinerary had only one night in Malta ... shower, change for dinner, and off to the airport. We chose to add a day just to enjoy the hotel and environs.

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