New Facebook group tauck family and friends

I received an invitation to a new group on Facebook yesterday.

Tauck family and friends

it seems to be a nice group

anyone else here receive an invitation?


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    Don't use Facebook, but I do subscribe to the Tauck YouTube channel. Posts there are infrequent, but all the Tauck videos are in one place.

  • I don’t do Facebook, but did not get the message. Mr B goes to Facebook occasionally and ther3 is a Tauck tour guide we like who posts great stuff. Is the original Tauck Facebook page still active?

  • I don't do Facebook, either.

  • I post on Tauck's main Facebook page. It seems like they have been posting more things lately. But I didn't get an invite to a new group. Oh well...

  • I was curious so did a little investigating. This doesn't look like an "official" Tauck group. The man who started it is the CEO of a travel company, not a Tauck employee. As of today there are 518 members.

    This is the description:

    "This is a closed group for people who have traveled with Tauck or are considering a Tauck experience. All comments are posted and shared, and we don't selectively remove comments. We want to hear what you have to say, and while Tauck almost always delivers something very special, all will be posted here. We don't shut down users who have something to comment that others may otherwise want to mute. This group is fair, balanced and will remain positive.

    "We are a happy group of people with a common interest in Tauck. So this is a positive environment of helping one another to get the most possible enjoyment from Tauck.

    "There are lots of side benefits too. Like seeing someone else's post about an itinerary that you didn't realize you wanted to do. As well as reminders of places you've visited in the past, or looking forward to when it's your turn, or contact with people you've met on a Tauck Journey.

    "What this group is not: A place for complaining, arguing or other forms of negative energy. There are other places for these things, but not here as those folks will be removed from our group, thanks. This is a closed group moderated by Pavlus Travel. There will no other travel agent's approved in the group. Pavlus Travel will make no sales solicitation of any members in this group. It's all about Tauck."

  • Our thank you letter from Tauck after our October K&T tour contained an invitation to join their Facebook group. I haven't gotten around to joining it yet, but it sounds like what you mentioned.

  • There is also another Facebook group called Tauck Travelers. There are quite a few photo posts on this group but not too much recent action.

  • I think I came across it by accident recently when I was looking for something else. It’s a travel agent’s page which Tauck travelers can use, I read some but there was not much interesting information. I don’t do Facebook and I don’t use a Travel agent, Do you use an agent? I’m wondering if that is why you did not get help with the start of your river cruise on your first tour, you probably didn’t get the information about the time to arrive at the ship and they wondered who you were. . I have seen reports here about agents not sending on important documents to Tauck customer in a timely manner.

  • I have not received an invitation but I have never worked with Pavlus, so I am sure I will not get an invite. I do use Facebook .

  • I would not be on Facebook if they gave away free trips.

  • I would not be on Facebook if they gave away free trips.

    I agree with you, but...
    I recently signed up using a new, throw-away email and a fake name to join a group that provides info about my local neighborhood. I emailed the moderator to let him know who I was and that I used a fake name/new email as I have a problem with facebook's tracking and intrusiveness. He said he understood.

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