Hiking in Hawaii

My husband and I are looking at the Best of Hawaii trip and plan on going in May, I see there is a lot of free time on this trip. Is it possible to go hiking when we have free time. I'd like to hike up to Diamond Head and also do some hiking when on the Big island of Hawaii. Any suggestions of good hikes would be greatly appreciated.


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    There will be plenty of opportunities to go for a nice walk around town or on the beach, but you are unlikely to find people with suggestions for "good" hikes because (a) Tauck clientele are typically a bit older (60+), (b) despite free time, most tours are tiring, and people will want to rest, head to the beach or shop, and (c) private transportation will likely be necessary to get to trailheads, etc. the hotel on Oahu is in Waikiki and the one on the Big island is on the west shore north of Kona and quite a distance (hour and a half) from the volcanoes.

  • That said, I like to hike or bike during trip free time. OP, if you do find something, please post it here after your trip. This trip is on my radar for some time in the future. I'm all booked up through the end of 2020 :-)

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