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We are a group of 4 considering a pre-extension in Capetown before we start the So. africa tour. Can anyone tell me how complete the itinerary was for Capetown. Just a driveby for Cape of Good Hope & the penguins , or should we plan an extra day trip for that area as well as a separate day for the winelands area? I just don’t want to be disappointed with only a brief view of the areas.
Thank you for any guidance.


  • I haven't been on the Elegant Adventure but we visited Cape Town on the B,SA.Z tour. The online itinerary should give you a fair idea of what is covered.

    Trust me, the rugged, winding coast t is interesting but makes for a long bus ride to Cape Point. The Point isn't worth much more than a drive-by and a quick photo op so you don't need to do it on your own. The same can be said of the funicular ride up to see the old lighthouse, especially if it is rainy or foggy. Cape Town is a clean, modern city, but it is a city all the same. There are things to do not in the itinerary but without knowing your interests or how much you want to spend, it is hard to make a recommendation. If you are really into wine then book a wine country tour. Google "10 best things to do in Cape Town." You'll see things like an excursion to Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned), visit the District 6 museum (remember you'll hear a lot about apartheid on Day 9), shop at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront (short walk from your hotel), visit the aquarium (also a short walk), take a helo tour (full Peninsula or the "City Bowl" - Cape Town, waterfront and Table Mountain), Company's Garden, etc.

    Your hotel, the Cape Grace (Table Mountain to the right):

  • The Tauck itinerary is accurate. As Alan says, Cape Point and the lighthouse are just worthy photo stops. You do get some time at the lighthouse, since lunch is served in the nice restaurant there (watch your food, the local baboons are expert thieves). The journey is as much about the scenery on the way there as the destination.

    As far as the winelands, on the tour you just get a very nice dinner at one of the better wineries with a view of the vines on the way in. If you want to visit more wineries, you'd need to do it on your own. The local hop-on hop-off tourists buses connect to a bus to several wineries. They have free walking tours as well, just tip the guide.

    Whenever we travel that far, we always get there a day early as insurance in case we face a flight delay. There is plenty in Cape Town for an extra day, but I wouldn't schedule more time than that.

  • I guess if it is winter, there is not going to be any pretty vines to see, bare that in mind if that is when you are going. I’m always plugging the Christian Barnard museum. Kirstenbosch gardens were not part of the tour when we went but we went on our own using the free BMW limo service.that the Cape Grace provide. There is a great spa in the hotel and the food and service is wonderful in the hotel

  • It is very accurate, but the weather can shift rapidly from morning to the evening which I tried to capture in the daily blog I keep of all trips we take with Tauck.

  • We’ve never seen baboons at the lighthouse on two visits there, but in the same area we drove past baboons strealing something out of an empty car that had it’s windows open. Our first visit to Cape Town the weather was beautiful. The second, wet and miserable the day we drove to Cape Horn, the boat trip was canceled.
    Cathy, sounds as if you had a lucky and wonderful tour. Please post more photos when you have time and any more tips and insights

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