Weather variance during the October 20 2019 Tour

It will be cool in Beijing and hot in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Any recommendations for packing for both hot and cold in only a 42 lb max weight suitcase?


  • We did the China tour in October and found Beijing quite warm at that time. I would just bring light sweaters to layer.

  • Thanks! Any recommendations if I should take a sports coat or nice clothes for evening dinners?

  • MrCross, we are taking the other tour which starts a few days before you. My husband has decided he is not taking a jacket. He’s only taken a jacket once on all our tours and it was the last one we took this summer. He will never bother again, takes up too much room and there are always people who do not wear jackets.
    We are taking long pants and light sweaters that will work day or evening most of the time in China. Even if it is hot, I expect the mornings and evenings will be cooler, not like the US in the summer. So we will layer. Hong Kong will be capris for me and light long sleeve t shirts. Will probably take one or two dresses and smart pant and couple of light weight wise tops for some.evenings. We have never had a problem keeping under allowed weight, though I believe it is 44 pounds not 42. I do have a new hard side suitcase to try out this time, it’s pretty light. I’ve not use one like this for years but they are much lighter than in hte old days. I really wanted to take my new Biaggi bag but Mr B says no not this time. I am worrying more about the trip than what to wear and weather at the moment.
    We rarely call Tauck other than to book a tour, but with pressure from friends who think we are crazy to still be going, I called this morning and there are no changes to our tour at this time. Reassured as usual that our safety is paramount. We’ve updated our wills recently, not much else we can do.

  • I did the other China trip in Oct 2017. Beijing was like NE US Fall weather and southern China (Guilin and Hong Kong) was like Florida - warm and humid. Shanghai was in between.

    A jacket isn't necessary for dinners. I'd suggest some button down shirts for the nicer restaurants. Don't know your itinerary, but we went to a very nice French restaurant in Shanghai and for a free dinner, went to a very nice Peking Duck place in Beijing (why do they still call it Peking duck?) Smart casual was fine. If your a shorts person, bring shorts for southern China.

    If you don't bring a pollution mask with you, ask for one from the concierge. The smog (they call it fog) was absolutely horrendous everywhere but Hong Kong. I remember landing at the Bejing airport, we couldn't see the runway until we were 50 ft above it. From my room on the 15th floor of the Waldorf, I couldn't see the Forbidden city 2-3 blocks away.

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