Hotels with microwaves/mini fridges

My family is contemplating a Tauck tour, but I have multiple severe food allergies and have to prepare my own food because cross contamination is too much fo a risk. Is it possible to get hotel rooms that have mini fridges and microwaves or kitchenettes so I can do so?


  • I don’t think I recall ever seeing a microwave in a Tauck hotel. If you have severe food allergies, I would suggest that an organized tour like Tauck is going to be impossible for you. Many of the meals are in local restaurants, not in the hotels. Could you trust any random restaurant in a foreign land to understand the danger for you. There was a report this year of a traveler in I believe Hungary, who was in a restaurant that said the item she was allergic was not on hte food they have her and she died.
    Also, what does Tauck say. Call them

  • In all the European hotels we've stayed at as part of a Tauck tour or cruise, I don't remember any microwaves. Pretty much always have a small refrigerator mostly filled with mini bar items to purchase. And usually a kettle to heat water and/or a Nespresso coffee machine.

    The hotels Tauck generally uses are 4/5 star luxury rated where the clientele are not looking to cook their own meals.

    You might do better to plan your own trip and stay in an airbnb with a kitchen.

  • Claudia mentions a great solution. I’m also thinking, where on earth would you have time to shop for food on a Tauck tour. I’m currently in an hotel on a Tauck tour and it’s at least a fifteen minute bus ride to the nearest town, where you might find a supermarket.. Also, many countries don’t allow you to take any fresh food into them. Air B and B sounds a great idea.

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