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Going on Elegant adventure, will I need an adapter to charge things and if so what type. would the hotels provide one?


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    Some places might have loaners, but don't count on it. I posted a photo in an archived thread. I'll see if I can find it.

    Couldn't find it. SA is an outlier and while plugs and outlets there may look the same (have the same pin/hole arrangement) the pins are a different size than plugs/receptacles used in the UK and the rest of Europe.

    Many newer hotels will have universal outlets suitable for almost all plugs, however. Check the supply voltage- outlets in most countries in the world supply 240V (household voltage in the US is 120V) That will be ok if your chargers are dual voltage (120V & 240V). Most tablet and phone chargers are dual voltage. You should consider taking a small multi-outlet travel power strip so you only need one adapter to charge all your devices at the same time- see photo below. Many fold up, have up to 4 outlets and some have 2 to 3 USB charging ports.

  • There are plenty similar devices out there. I didn't go all the way to check-out to verify stocking status, but some websites other than Amazon still still show this one.

  • There are plenty of others out there. My original one doesn’t have the USB ports and I’d love to get another, but Mr B says it’s not necessary. We take ours everywhere. Magellan’s do a nice one but it’s about $34 plus shipping.

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