Has anyone taken this trip recently?

I am looking at this tour for 2021. Any recent comments on this tour? The comments I see are from a few years ago and as we all know Tauck updates these tours and makes changes based on the feedback they receive. I am wondering if it is worth my time and money or if I should choose another one week tour.


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    Back in Oct., my wife and I did V/F/Rome with family. The two of us then flew to Bari for the Puglia tour. We both loved it. The food was wonderful { even though I lost my sense of taste for 3 days due to allergies}. Matera is a charming city with a lot of history. Rooms were different but excellent. We were glad we went.

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    British went a few years ago, maybe she will weigh in.

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    We went with friends, you have probably read my old reviews. They liked it and are hard to please, so that says something. There was a British guy, well travelled, who did not think much of the food. We enjoyed it. He did also mention that Bari was very interesting, it’s about an hour from Bari to Matera. The fantastic hotel we stayed in, beginning and end of tour the Borgo Ignasia, I don’t think Tauck uses it any more. We still talk about that hotel! And I don’t usually prioritize hotels as being the most important part of a four.
    If you have been to other places in Italy, this is a great tour to do because it it so different there, and if you only have a week of vacation left like we did then, it was perfect.

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