Victoria Falls drought issue

We will be at the falls next month and I understand there is a drought and the falls are a trickle. What other activities are available?


  • I saw the current state of the Falls on TV yesterday, They are literally a trickle.
    We saw the Falls in a dry part of the year a couple of years ago and the rock formations were very interesting to see. I’ve also seen them with much more water. I suggest you still go there!

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    I saw the report on TV as well- really sad. Flow was greatly reduced when we went in May, but nothing like what I just saw on TV. The falls are just one small part of the tour, however. I'm sure Tauck will have alternate activities.

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    It still looked an amazing site on the TV without water.
    How about the zip line over the Zambezi, my hubby did that.

  • It's a pretty unique opportunity to be present for a relatively historic low or high. Even if I never get to see the falls in their full glory that is one heck of a perspective.

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