Essence of South America Tour-January, February or November?

My husband and I are considering booking this tour and would like to know from others who have gone there what your recommendation is regarding the time of year to go. We are considering either January or February or November. Please share your thoughts with me. Thanks.


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    Have you checked out It has years worth of historical weather data (temp, precip, humidity, wind, etc.) for most major global locations by day, week, and month and provides it in plain text and easy to interpret graphics. Two samples for Buenos Aires:

  • Have you been on this tour, Alan? I know you have traveled on quite a few Tauck tours. I have looked at several sites on the internet but haven't checked this one out. Thanks for sharing the info.

  • I haven't been on this tour, but did the Patagonia tour (which included Santiago and BA) over last Xmas. While that time of year was perfect for Patagonia, it was very hot in the cities (and humid in BA). If I were to pick one of your 3 choices to do Essence, it would be November.

  • I haven't been. I will likely head to BA in the year ahead- daughter and diplomat husband are currently assigned to the US Embassy there. It is 74° F there right now. :)

  • We did this tour in the middle of February. The weather was perfect in Santiago and cool in southern Chile. Again it was perfect in Bariloche and BA (sunny and 70's). It was hot and humid at Iguazu Falls. Rio was just hot with lots of sun. Very hot. On our last day of the tour there was a 100 degree difference between Rio and our home in Kentucky - 100F vs. 0!

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