The other tour highlights were, the day in Ngorongoro crater where the wildlife encounters were the most incredible ever, and I’ve been there twice before, it was already my favorite place probably on the planet. After that day, the TD came up to Mr B and I and said the rest of the group had no idea what an exceptional day it had been and likely not to be surpassed on the K and T part of the tour. But there was more during the tour. We also saw a jackal group kill a vey young baby antelope. We saw a group of hyenas attack a young buffalo that was isolated from the herd. They managed to head it off and one hyena grabbed hold of it’s tail. The buffalo continued to struggle and run, with the hyena mid air for a moment. It got back to the herd, who turned on the hyenas and they ran off. Finally, we saw some lions and jackals sparing over the remains of a kill right by us. It’s so rare to see these things on Safari in reality.
Another highlight was the balloon ride that had to be cancelled two days running on our previous K and T tour. We have taken the balloon ride on the Tanzania Zanzibar tour , but it flew very high and animals looked like specs. This time, we had a lovely guy who’s father had been a ballon captain, he had fallen in love on his first ride with his dad, age three. He kept the balloon really low, explained how he controlled the balloon, was very knowledgeable about the landscapes and animals. It was wonderful.
Finally, on gorilla trek day, the mom of the family had a headache so did not want to do the trek. That meant there was a spare permit. Permits are strictly not transferable. Tauck does not pay for the TD to do the trek. We all wanted her to be able to do the trek with us. With the help of the local Tauck coordinator and two of our single older ladies, they were able to convince the authorities that they might have to require extra help because they were old and please let her use the permit and come with us. It worked and paperwork was put in order, we were so happy for her.
I already posted about our gorilla trek.
Yep, we already want to go back to Africa. We have been on six tours, still not enough, so we will maybe not get to other places we might want to visit, that’s fine


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