Category 7 wait listing

This is our 3rd Tauck river cruise and had traveled Cat 7 on the previous trips. We booked last Sept but it was too late and Cat 7 was sold out on our northbound trip date (5/8/20). So we booked Cat 6. We are wait listed for Cat 7. My question is.... how common are Cat 7 cancellations on this cruise ? Normally I wouldn't sweat it but we are coming in early for a couple extra days in Cannes at the Martinez and we really wanted a "Sea view" room but were told by tauck that only Cat 7 got the "Sea View" rooms and we couldn't upgrade the Cat 6 Deluxe room. While we could get sea view room for our early days through the hotel, we would have to change rooms for the "tour days" which seemed like a PITB. Another thought, I guess I could wait till we got there and talk to the hotel. Has anyone stayed here before and do you think the "front desk" might be able to work something out ?



  • Thanks for the reply. I thought I would call the hotel if the wait list thing doesn't work out in the next few weeks. I assume like most things in this world that if you knock on enough doors, or the right door, someone can usually make it happen. It was just odd to me that Tauck couldn't do it. I wasn't looking for anything free, just a room upgrade at the Hotel. Anyway, thanks again for the reply


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