First time exploring this forum.. on MS Joy June 1, 2020

Is anyone on the river cruise from Budapest to Prague June 1?


  • Sunshine7, We are not on your tour, but we will be on your sister ship, MS Savor. We are seeing the Passion Play in Oberammergau and then board our ship in Vilshofen on June 3rd and will finish our cruise in Budapest. Our ships will probably pass each other at some point. This will be our first river cruise (other than a short four-day one as part of a tour in China). We are looking forward to the trip.

  • We did this trip on Savor. You will love it.

  • We did this cruise in May on the Savor and loved it, despite having the last 30 miles or so cut off by high water. Great places, great ship and the directors and guides took very good care of us. We liked it so much we've made a deposit on the down-stream cruise from Budapest.

  • We were on the first paid voyage of Ms. Joy from Prague to Budapest. Wonderful ship and crew were outstanding. Enjoy your travels. The Danube is beautiful and the sites amazing.

  • Currently my 2020 Tauck journey starts May 20th on the MS Espirit - Black Sea to Budapest , connecting June 1st to the MS Joy - Blue Danube Budapest to Prague, and continuing with the Switzerland: Europe's Crown Jewel on the 14th of June. I have been waitlisted since February 2019 for the Ultimate Alps and Dolomites Journey which included the Oberammergau Passion Play.

  • Oh my goodness, It looks as if you are going to be out of luck for all your trips.

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    British & Sunshine7

    Prior to the rescheduling of the Oberammergau Passion Play from 2020 to 2022, our Tauck travel consultants had provided me with a proposed alternative for a 2021 duplicate schedule for a solo booking during August - October 2021 based on the journeys starting prior to June 30, 2020 cancelation policy.

    Whereas the whole purpose of my 4 back to back journeys (Black Sea - Blue Danube - Ultimate Alps & Dolomites - Europe's Crown Jewel) was based on attending the Oberammergau Passion Play, my preference would be to book this journey now in 2022.

    One note which is mute now, when I started this booking in January 2019 Tauck could not book a solo traveler on the Ultimate Alps & Dolomites because all of the Single bookings, which are limited, were sold out even though double/triple bookings were available at that time. Having been a solo traveler for many years, I understand this policy and when a single booking in the past was not available I have always paid the single supplement or the 2 person minimum.

  • Glad to hear you can reschedule!

  • Derek- Like you, I am also a single traveler. I am finding more travel companies are getting more "solo friendly". Tauck has been for some time. I am booked to take my 9th river cruise with them in September. Good luck with your rebooking for next year.

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