Terrain in Patagonia

Patagonia has been on our bucket list for a while, I hope I haven't waited too long. We did Peru and Galapagos 6 years ago and I was fine with my trusty walking stick. I don't mind the long days, but I am hesitant about the uneven paths, rocky terrain etc. I have read the forum, but still am undecided Any input from those who have made this trip would be greatly appreciated.


  • Went on this trip a bit over a year ago. If you NEED a walking stick, I'd recommend against this trip. Lots of hills, uneven gravel paths, open metallic grated steps by the glacier walk, etc. Not to mention things can get slippery if wet.

  • I would agree with BKMD. Unless you can walk on uneven surfaces, you are not going to be able to even see some of the glaciers and sites up close at all. If that is Ok, you could stay back for the challenging walks. It was also extremely windy when new were there, nearly knocked us off our feet on one of the treks to a glacier. These conditions are quite common.

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