The Sweet Life August 9, 2020

Hi, we are a family of 4 with two older children, ages 23 and 19. Wondering if there are other families with older children who will be on the tour as well?
We are so excited!


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    Hi, you would all probably enjoy one of the regular Tauck tours in Italy instead of the Bridges one. You might find there are lots of young children with activities geared to them. Just my humble opinion.

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    cluciano - You could be in a niche hole, where the Bridges tours will have younger children while the regular tours will have very few, if any, college age kids. I've been on 9 regular Tauck tours (no where near the experience of British). In those nine tours there were college age kids on one tour, the Spain and Portugal tour. There were two college age kids on that tour, but they weren't related and came with different older adults. I found that at times, at least one of the college age kids on that tour, seemed to get bored with the predominantly 50+ crowd that typically frequents the regular Tauck tours. Whatever you decide you should prepare your kids for what to expect based on information you can get from Tauck about the number and age of kids going on the tour (in the case of the Bridges tour) or prepare them to the fact that they might be the only young people on the tour if you go on a regular tour.

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    Hi, thanks for the info. We were very restricted with our dates because one is in law school and one is in college. The Sweet Life was the only tour that worked for us. So far Tauk told me that there were five boys ages (17,15, 13, 10 and 10) along with five girls ages (17,15,14, 12 and 11). I think you're correct, in that we are stuck between the 50 + crowd and the family tours. Looking to make the most of it, especially during our free time!!! Hoping to get more feedback here about what to expect. PS: Tauk did tell me that this was a multigenerational tour.

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