All Tours and Cruises Canceled

As of yesterday -- all Tauck tours and cruises have been canceled from 3/16 until 4/14. I have this on excellent authority. I would imagine it will be announced later today.


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    Care to divulge your source?

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    So my tour starts on April 15th to Paris not sure I want to go but trying not to call Tauck until I have to. Flying Air France and they are discontinuing flights to US after that date.

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    BKMD -- I can't because obviously this was announced (not exactly privately) before Tauck put out the official word. I have been on many Tauck tours and haven't posted recently because there has not been a discussion I felt I had a lot to say about. Believe me -- I am not trying to be clandestine. I am just surprised that Tauck has not put out the official word. I promise you -- this is a fact.

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    This is a true statement. I just received an e-mail from Tauck, my trip to France (Impressions from the Seine) for April 2 has been canceled. All tours and cruises from 3/17/20 thru 4/14/20 have been canceled. Travelers who are affected will receive an e-mail.

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    True and confirmed. Here's the email from Dan Mahar at Tauck:

    Dear Tauck Guest,

    As we work through the challenges surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, I want to provide an important update on our plans for your journey.

    Please know that, as always, your health and well-being are our very highest priorities, and that we are well prepared to deal with the current situation. We continue to draw on learnings gleaned from other challenges we’ve faced during our 95-year history, from 9/11 and SARS to earthquakes, political upheaval and H1N1. Most importantly, our robust financial foundation (including zero debt) provides us with the flexibility to do what is best for our guests.

    Over the past days, a cascading series of events have prompted us to reevaluate our plans for the coming weeks. New and potential travel restrictions and closures of popular attractions, museums and restaurants threaten our ability to deliver the kinds of enriching and engaging experiences our guests expect from Tauck. Additionally, the mood of the country (and indeed, the world) has changed. Sporting events have been cancelled, schools are closing, and organizations everywhere are making changes to limit or eliminate gatherings. These are prudent steps, and we too must do our part at this critical time. Finally, we must also look beyond the present moment, and have the time and space to prioritize and plan accordingly for all of our guests. At this time, we would all benefit from the opportunity to pause and take a breath.

    We have accordingly decided to pause, and forgo operating our scheduled tours and cruises from March 17, 2020 through April 14, 2020. We will revisit our re-start date as mid-April approaches, and of course, we will be here and available throughout this entire time. As per our recently relaxed policy pertaining to Tauck-cancelled departures, you will be receiving a full refund of your tour or cruise cost. Any Guest Protection Product premiums will be Dreamsaved (and any Cruise Protection Product premiums will be kept on account in voucher form) for use on future Tauck journeys. Most airlines are currently waiving change fees. However, if you booked your flights through Tauck, and any change fees are incurred, they will be covered by Tauck. (For Tauck-booked flights, reimbursement will arrive separately from any tour or cruise refund.) For non-Tauck flights, we will reimburse change fees up to $250 per person with the submission of a receipt. Please allow up to two weeks for any refunds to arrive.

    We fully recognize that you want to travel with us – you’re just anxious about traveling now. With this in mind, we’re offering a $500 credit per traveler if you transfer to a new 2020 or 2021 reservation. If you are unsure of your future travel plans you can instead choose to leave the funds from your cancelled tour in a “Tauck Travel Wallet,” and receive the same $500 credit per traveler to be used toward your future reservation. For up-to-the minute availability on all of our land tours and cruises, please visit our website, www.tauck.com. (If you preemptively cancelled your journey on March 12, 2020, we will honor the above offer and reconcile your account within 30 days.)

    To summarize, we’re providing you with the flexibility offered by two options; 1.) You may cancel and receive a refund, or 2.) receive a $500 credit by transferring to a new journey or leaving your tour funds in a Tauck Travel Wallet.

    Thank you for choosing Tauck. I know that we will emerge from our current circumstances stronger than before, and be ready to provide you with the kind of life enhancing travel experiences that have been Tauck’s hallmark for the past 95 years.


    Dan Mahar
    Daniel W. Mahar, CEO

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    Yup, I got it, too, for an early April japan trip. Thanks for the initial heads-up Judy.

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    Cathyandsteve****My tour of Jordan & Egypt is December....I’m certainly hoping everything is back to the “new” normal. Fingers crossed!

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    We just spoke with family in Canada. The Canadian government will be quarantining Canadians who return home from abroad - even (or maybe especially) from the US. Since they live in Ontario, they have a number of facilities in Ontario where they would be sent for the quarantine period.

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