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See Round #20 for info about and rules for the contest.

Round #63 won by BKMD
Submitted by Smiling Sam. A woman of one of the Karen tribes which reside in both Myanmar and Thailand. Picture was taken in Chiang May, Thailand on the Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand tour.

Round #64 won by AlanS
Submitted by Portolan. Katzenzungen Castle, home of the 350+ year old vine of Versoaln. Versoaln isn’t just Italy’s oldest vine, it is one of the oldest in the world – and the largest in Europe. Located in Tisens, South Tyrol, it is 350 years old, and its branches form a 300-square-meter pergola. It produces a white wine that goes by the same name as the vine, Versoaln.

Round #65 won by BKMD
Submitted by MCD. The Boboli Gardens of Pitti Palace - Florence Italy. The Abundance, 1608 - 1637, by Sebastiano Salvini - Giambologna - Pietro Tacca. White marble with wheat bouquet of bronze.

Round #66 won by AlanS
Submitted by BKMD. A photo taken during the Israel & Jordan tour a short distance from the Movenpick Resort in Jordan of the window of a small shop. The window display featured a female mannequin wearing a “Burkini,” a full body swimsuit which covers all but face, hands, and feet, and is designed to be worn by Islamic women.

Round #67 won by JohnS
Submitted by Sealord. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Round #68 won by BKMD
Submitted by JohnS. A high drop, “Squatty Potty” at Bhadrapur Airport (BDP) in Bhadrapur, Mechi, Nepal.

Round #69 won by Johns (and BKMD)
Submitted by Kathy M. Folding parking preventer. Zagreb, Croatia. This style is also known as a Wide Arm Fold Down Bollard.

Round #70 won by Smiling Sam
Submitted by BKMD. Isla del Sol, village of Yumani, Bolivia, the Inca Stairs. 12,552'- the stairs add 200 meters in elevation, at the top.

Round #71, a ROOKIE-ONLY ROUND, is officially open. Submit your photo in a reply [Leave a Comment] to this announcement.


  • Where is this? What is it known for? What exclamation is associated with it?

  • I like your question - clever! Staying on the sidelines, per the boss.

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    Since per my own direction, I'm staying out of this one as well, but I agree with BDMD :D (I knew the country but didn't know specifics until I cheated :blush: ) Nice, well framed shot, by the way!

    Come on all you observers, now is the time to get in the game!

  • It is Toledo, Spain. We were there just last year.
    It is known for being the City of Three Cultures: Christian, Muslin, & Jewish. Also, the sister city of Toledo, Ohio (A few miles from where we live.
    "Holy Toledo"

  • Indeed, I like the third question. Never actually thought about the origin of the exclamation.

  • Here's one take on it that has nothing to do with Spain:

    A phrase coined by gangsters and bootleggers in the 1920's. Due to Toledo's convenient location (Lake Erie Shore, ~halfway Chicago/Cleveland and ~a hour south of Detroit) it became the save haven for prohibition criminals after completing jobs in the larger cities previously mentions. A large portion of the crime in those cities was organized in Toledo. Toledo became known as the "Promised Land" to these mobsters, knowing they were in the clear once they made it back to Toledo. Hence the phrase Holy Toledo.

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    Regardless of the "association" we will definitely award this round to connorlaker! Well done sidecar and connorlaker!

    So, what are the origins of Holy Mackerel. Just kidding! (I've read all the Google pundits and not buying any of them :D )

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