"Been There" Virtual Travel Quiz? (Open to all) Round #74

See Round #20 for info about and rules for the contest.

Round #63 won by BKMD
Submitted by Smiling Sam. A woman of one of the Karen tribes which reside in both Myanmar and Thailand. Picture was taken in Chiang May, Thailand on the Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand tour.

Round #64 won by AlanS
Submitted by Portolan. Katzenzungen Castle, home of the 350+ year old vine of Versoaln. Versoaln isn’t just Italy’s oldest vine, it is one of the oldest in the world – and the largest in Europe. Located in Tisens, South Tyrol, it is 350 years old, and its branches form a 300-square-meter pergola. It produces a white wine that goes by the same name as the vine, Versoaln.

Round #65 won by BKMD
Submitted by MCD. The Boboli Gardens of Pitti Palace - Florence Italy. The Abundance, 1608 - 1637, by Sebastiano Salvini - Giambologna - Pietro Tacca. White marble with wheat bouquet of bronze.

Round #66 won by AlanS
Submitted by BKMD. A photo taken during the Israel & Jordan tour a short distance from the Movenpick Resort in Jordan of the window of a small shop. The window display featured a female mannequin wearing a “Burkini,” a full body swimsuit which covers all but face, hands, and feet, and is designed to be worn by Islamic women.

Round #67 won by JohnS
Submitted by Sealord. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Round #68 won by BKMD
Submitted by JohnS. A high drop, “Squatty Potty” at Bhadrapur Airport (BDP) in Bhadrapur, Mechi, Nepal.

Round #69 won by Johns (and BKMD)
Submitted by Kathy M. Folding parking preventer. Zagreb, Croatia. This style is also known as a Wide Arm Fold Down Bollard.

Round #70 won by Smiling Sam
Submitted by BKMD. Isla del Sol, village of Yumani, Bolivia, the Inca Stairs. 12,552'- the stairs add 200 meters in elevation, at the top.

Round #71 won by connorlaker
Submitted by sidecar. It is Toledo, Spain. It is known for being the City of Three Cultures: Christian, Muslin, & Jewish. Also, the sister city of Toledo, Ohio (A few miles from where we live. "Holy Toledo"

Admin. Toledo has an incredible history of conquest. In your free time (is there anything else now? ) read the “short” Wikipedia history of this incredible city

Round #72 won by SueMS (w/a pre-opening PM from Sealord)
Submitted by DavidB from the UK. It is a red Jammer in Glacier National Park. The photo was before our run along the 'Going to the Sun Road’ to Lake Mcdonald lodge. The Red Buses of Glacier were made by the White Motor Company and are Model 706. That is a Dept. of Interior logo in the lower left of the license plate with buffalo in its center.

Round #73 won by Portolan
Submitted by connorlaker. Crawford Market, Mumbai, India. Relief scenes above the entrance arches are all are about gathering food. Photo was taken on Portrait of India trip.

Round #74 is officially open. Submit your photo in a reply [Leave a Comment] to this announcement.


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    What is my wife doing? Where?

    Can’t seem to get the photo to open! Help!

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    Not sure if this is the issue, but make sure the file extension is simply .jpg

    It looks like your file extension is jpeg

    As far as your question goes, if she is like my wife then she is about to cover your camera with the thing in her hand and to tell you to stop taking her picture. For the where, in my case, it could be most anyplace on any tour. :D

  • Your wife is in the Galleria in Milan. She is getting ready to spin around on the bull.

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    BSP51. As Sam says, you are trying to post a JPEG which is a video. The forum software does not accept JPEG format. To post a video you must first upload it to a video hosting site like YouTube then link it here.

    Here is a screen grab of the photo though I suspect Kath M has it right.

  • AlanS - Since you're our tech guy, I was wondering if you know what's going on with several user's profile picture ( see picture - with the ? for their picture ). Are others seeing this or is this local to me?

  • There appears to be some web site issues today. All generic avatars are broken. When I first logged on a few minutes ago I got some strange redirect before getting to the forum page.

  • I don't see the "?" but there have been other issues- I had some hiccups with other features and an occasional freeze. On my screen some user names appeared twice. I haven't done it yet but suggest you reboot your computer or clear cookies.

  • I am getting this page pop up before being redirected to the forums page. I tested this on multiple browsers and my wife's computer so this must be a widespread issue.

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    I'll close this one out for BSP51 and let things settle down before I start the next round. Kathy M is the winner.

    BSP51's wife is getting ready to “spin the bull” in Milan's Vittorio Emanuele Galleria, named after Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of the kingdom of Italy. When it was built, between 1865 and 1877, it was decided to decorate the floor of the central octagonal space with four mosaics portraying the coats of arms of the three capitals of the kingdom of Italy: Rome, Florence, Turin and Milan- the she-wolf of Rome, the lily of Florence, red cross for Milan, and the bull of Turin. The bull of Turin is represented with big genitals, and soon people thought it brought good luck. Men began to spin around three times with a heel on the testicles of the bull. In addition, women began to touch the testicles thinking that this gesture could improve fertility. Unfortunately, the continuous pilgrimage of Milanese citizens and tourists searching for some good luck damaged that part of the bull: a hole developed on the place of the bull’s genitals. However, the bull still attracts curious and superstitious people.

    Contest and Round #75 are on temporary hold.

  • Actually, jpeg is a legitimate extension for a still photo (most videos are mpeg/mpg or avi). Most files with a .jpeg extension can simply be renamed to .jpg. Both versions derive their name from the Joint Photographic Experts Group, but on DOS systems (remember that?), extensions were limited to 3 characters and this has largely been perpetuated in Windows. Other operating systems without that limitation have continued with the .jpeg extension. Internally, both formats are (generally) the same.

    Also, for the OP, were you using the "Attach File" option or the "Attach Image" option? The latter is what most easily gives your posts an immediately viewable picture.

  • Kathy is right. Sam, thanks for the jpeg/jpg advice. Also, you are correct about taking
    Laura’s pix. Very few allowed.

  • I alerted Tauck IT.

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    You must remember this forum runs using Markdown (HTLM ultra-light :D ) so who knows how things really work. I've attached files but don't remember what they look like in a post anymore. I'll do it now using my screen grab of BSP51's photo. Well that appears to be what BSP51 did. As for the other issues, hopefully it is just a minor issue that Tauck IT can clear up.

    BSP51 when inserting a photo, make sure you click on the the "attach image" icon, not the "attach file" icon.

  • Alan, noted & thanks.

  • Tauck IT is on the case!

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