"Been There" Virtual Travel Quiz? Round #80

See Round #20 for info about and rules for the contest.

Round #76 won by SueMS
Submitted by Sealord. It is one of two 3500 years old Egyptian Sphinxes portraying Amenhotep III wearing the dual crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. They were originally from a temple in Thebes but are now located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. They arrived in 1830. By the time the initial purchase proposal made it from the Embassy in Cairo to Nicholas I of Russia and then to the Russian Academy of Arts, both had been sold to a French buyer. As a result of the French Revolution, Saint Petersburg got the sphinxes after all. They can be seen today on the waterfront in front of the Imperial Academy of Arts.

Round #77 won by Portolan
Submitted by JohnS. Women’s rolling latrine (a Tauck special?). Bandhavgarh National Park, India. Nepal and Northern India tour.

Round #78 won by TravelGuy (with a “tsetse” assist from others)
Submitted by connorlaker. Flag used in E. Africa to attract (and kill) tsetse flies. Photographed on?

Round #79 No winner!
Submitted by Kathy M. Kayaking course from the Barcelona Olympics in La Seu d'Urgell, Spain in the Pyrenees west of Barcelona, not too far from Andorra. We stayed there during the Paradors of Northern Spain trip.

Round #80 is officially open. Submit your photo in a reply [Leave a Comment] to this announcement.

I’ll take this one- another water theme, but much easier than the last one!!

What is the guy in the wetsuit doing? Duh?
Where is he doing it, (a) specifically and (b) overall.


  • Without even doing a Google I am going to say this is river surfing in Munich at the Eisbachwelle.

  • Munich surfing in English Garden

  • You sure that's a wetsuit and not a burkini?

  • edited April 2020

    Yes, indeed! Surfing the burble at Eisbachwelle at the south end of the English Garden in Munich, Germany. We had free time to explore it on tour but actually went there during a fantastic Segway tour the day before the Ultimate Alps & Dolomites started. I mounted a GoPro to my helmet and got some great video of Munich. (I took my DSLR but actually had to pull a still from the video to post) We saw much more of Munich than we could have ever seen on our own walking or on a Hop on Hop Off and learned tons from the hilarious Brit expat guide. It was our first time on a Segway but we have now done it twice more in Florence and Dresden. The Eisbach is one of a number of waterways coursing the park that are fed by the nearby Isar River.

    Disregard the extra clothing temporarily stuffed into my shirt. :*

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