Mandatory Quarantine?

Absent on Tauck’s statements on the current COVID situation is any discussion on countries imposing mandatory quarantines.

For instance, I’m scheduled for Greece in early September. If we are cleared to go, I’m going. However, If Greece mandates a 14 day quarantine period—I will not be able to get the extra two weeks off work (and flights are already purchased). Is Tauck’s position that this would be a voluntary cancel subject to forfeiture of payment (or credit for 12 months)? Ideally this situation would result in a full refund.

Clarity on this would be beneficial.


  • I would expect Tauck to cancel a trip with such a mandatory quarantine. They have canceled trips through mid July, so far. I have trips in both Sept and Oct. I expect they will likely be cancelled. Patience, grasshopper.

    My next trip after that is booked for Nov 2021 (Egypt). Assuming my two 2020 trips are cancelled, I think I'll wait until after the Egypt trip before scheduling anything else. I'm getting tired of dealing with the airlines, etc. Getting refunded in a timely manner (except Delta, so far) is like pulling teeth.

  • I just booked the family for the Hale Koa on Waikiki for a week in October. They currently have a two week quarantine for arriving passengers ... maybe I’ll need another week. (;-)

  • I just can’t see any tours going for the rest of the year. I too am not booking any morning tours, it’s too stressful worrying about getting all the money back when I could give more to good causes with it or save it or do a home improvement project, etc etc

  • The two week quarantines that I am aware of (Hawaii, UK proposed, etc.) are to isolate for two weeks after you enter the country (or state). There is no way that Tauck would expect you to go two weeks before the tour and sit in a hotel room (assuming you could find one). They would surely cancel the tour.

    The UK quarantine rule is getting a lot of blowback and I'm not sure it will be implemented. From what I understand, there will be no enforcement. You'll just be asked what your address in the UK will be and told to isolate there for two weeks.

    In the EU (Schengen Zone), entry is closed to non-EU citizens until at least June 15. The EU says there will be a summer tourist season, but that may be limited to EU citizens.

    I was hopeful (not expectant, but hopeful) that Europe trips would begin to start again late this summer. That was based on the hope that the bug would prove to be seasonal or that testing and control measures would be effective in substantially reducing the number of cases in America. Neither hope seems to be coming true. So, like British, I am having trouble seeing tours going anytime soon. Imagine (even if there were not airline travel bans) showing up in a European country as a bus load of Americans with a big Tauck logo on the side before the virus is under control. It would probably be on the nightly news, at best and result in villagers storming the bus with torches and pitchforks! (I'm kidding, but you get my drift - we wouldn't be welcome visitors.)

  • The type of tourist or holiday season that the British are talking about are the lying on the beach type of vacation that many Brits enjoy. That does not mean that historical sites, museums or restaurants will be open. I don’t want beach holidays.

  • I heard on the radio that Ireland has closed all hotels through the end of July. Even if they open them beginning in August, I don't see the tourist attractions being open.

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