Kingdom of the Mummies

Episode 2 is on Nat Geo channel at 10:00 pm Eastern time tonight. (Ch 287 on Suddenlink, NC) There are two more shows 5/26 and 6/2 in this series.


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    Another episode tonight.

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    Yup! :)

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    I found last night's episode kinda boring. They are really dragging stuff out now...

    Question I have that I haven't heard an explanation for - How did the ancients get that deep underground and how did they get all that stuff down there? Were all those tons of sarcophagi carved down in the hole? And how did they move a 10 ton lid, etc?

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    I sorta wondered the same thing myself. I'm not sure the sarcophagi would fit the that vertical shaft, and it appears to be made of the same material as the stone in the walls, so maybe it was fashioned on site in the chamber (part of the chamber). Sarcophagi of more exotic materials like red (rose) or black granite used in some of the other tombs and the boxes inside the Serapeum for the Apis bulls were identified as being made of an even harder material, diorite, curiously found even further away from Saqqara.

    If it would fit, I just thought of a way to get a sarcophagi down a vertical shaft. Remember they had plenty of people and time so could work around the clock- but say you have a large and heavy sarcophagus and you want to move to the bottom of a 100' deep shaft. Once the shaft and tomb chambers have been excavated, fill them with sand. Slide the sarcophagi over the shaft and start removing sand from the periphery- it could take weeks, months, years, but eventually the sarcophagi would settle to the bottom.

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