Airfare just Tripled!!

I have been waiting for spots to open on J&E 2021 that would allow us to change our departure date. At the same time I have been also following flight availability and cost, but I can't and won't book flights until and if we get a new departure. As I posted in the thread at this link, the price for the alternate Delta flights I had been tracking doubled in one day, so we won't be flying Delta!!!

I did some more research and found even better flights on American that were only slightly more than for the original Delta flights I had been watching, so I started tracking the American flights. On Wednesday, American updated fares for the flights - the (business class) fares almost tripled - from a bit over $3900 to more than $11,000 per ticket!!! Yikes :o !!!!

I don't know what is going on but today the fares dropped back down.


  • AlanS - The fares went up because they will be providing a free mask for everyone. :D

    It is impossible to try to figure airfares applying any sort of normal logic. Hope you find a business class fare that falls within your pain threshold.

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