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As I posted in another thread, our January/February J&E flights are in limbo- one leg doesn't exist any more even though nothing is amiss in "MyDelta". When I called Delta almost a month ago a rep said they were working on it. I have been tracking their progress (and also the evolution of flights on American) by doing partial bookings- needless to say it sure has been interesting.

In the case of Delta, the leg flown by Air France from Paris to Amman went away. Then it was changed to Transavia, but that went away because Transavia didn't fly on that date. Then they didn't fly from Paris but changed to Amsterdam (Transavia has separate Air France and KLM branches). Now, the Transavia's schedule doesn't show any flights to Amman from either! Of course, "My Delta" has not shown any of this!!

I have also been following American- they looked good at first, but prices are jumping all around and itineraries changing almost daily- initially, the first homeward bound legs available went from Cairo to Paris, then Cairo to Rome , and recently Cairo to Heathrow on BA has been added- and even more recently Cairo to Casablanca (and on to JFK) on Royal Air Moroc (joined Oneworld this year). The AA Business fares have now quadrupled! UPDATE: fares are now back to normal?!?!?!?

I guess I'll just sit tight for awhile, first to see what Tauck eventually does, then deal with Delta since I'm already booked, even though what they are showing doesn't exist! The fare was good when I booked. :D

Between revenue and COVID issues and the unknown, I suspect this situation is happening with all airlines and could affect you whether you booked air with Tauck or directly.


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    Another UPDATE: Nothing has changed with my J & E flight status on MyDelta, so I called Delta to see what was up. I had to walk the agent through the process, so, despite what MyDelta shows, he could see for himself that one leg of our published itinerary does not exist. He didn't know why it was that way nor when and if they would get around to either fixing the problem or formally notifying me I needed to change my flights.

    If we change tour dates the new ones will also have the same issue, but I've decided to hang with Delta for awhile longer, at least until the seats start filling up on the alternate flights I have identified, since it is easier just to change flights than airlines.

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    It will be kind of ironic if our tours are not cancelled but we can’t find flights to get there.Three months to our tour that is not yet canceled but our flights are no more and my husband is not trying to book anything else because it will mean numerous flight changes when originally we had a direct flight to get there. It’s not worth the risk of buying flights when the tour is sure to be canceled despite the hopes shown on our local news today of cases way down in our state. We are still not fully open in our area. I’d at least like to get my hair cut before a vacation. 😀 we don’t want any more hassles of getting money back.

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