Anyone been cancelled yet



  • A travel update was posted today. I am very surprised to see that South Africa An Elegant Adventure is resuming this August 2021. Has anyone booked on this trip and still not comfortable to go contacted them to see what the policy is?

  • Ah, you mean you want to cancel on a tour that is still going? I should think they will just let you change a date. There are plenty of people who will want to, just not us this year. Been to Africa six times, can wait another year.

  • Has anyone tried getting through on the phone since the 5/27 update posted today?

  • We got a phone call today from Tauck as well as an email confirming that we still wanted to go on this trip. We are scheduled for November of this year. The gist of the email was:

    • Are you ready to explore the world again? So are we! We are thrilled to let you know that as of now your trip, South Africa: An Elegant Adventure will be operating!

    We are still planning on going on this trip but I think everything is still in a dynamic state of flux. We are vaccinated, just purchased a boatload of face maskes at Costco and are ready to travel.

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