Curious Traveler

Stumbled upon the Curious Traveler TV show on our local PBS channel. Interesting series that features the kind of information I like - history, architecture, trivia, local foods. Amazon Prime Video also has the first 3 seasons 2015-2018, but there is some 2020 episodes as well (maybe on PBS).


  • Also watch "Somebody Feed Phil" on Netflix. 3 seasons so far. Phil is like a kinder, gentler Anthony Bourdain, and he visits all the places you have probably been to.

  • And he's humorous!

  • Yep, there was a thread here a few weeks ago. Lots of "Somebody Feed Phil" fans.

    Before Covid I was watching lots of Switzerland youtube videos. Plenty to chose from - both professional and vlog'ers. My favorite was an American expat living in Switzerland who has a series called "How to Switzerland". Some of its from a resident's perspective but plenty of useful info for travelers too like the nuts and bolts of how to use public transport. How to buy a ticket, how to read the ticket information, how to figure out where your boarding platform it, etc. Having once stood in a Swiss train station trying to figure out what to do, I found it very helpful.

  • Many of us have now become vicarious travelers due to the current travel situation. I thought I would mention one set of travel shows that my wife and I have rediscovered and currently have queued up and are in the process of watching these through the summer.
    Great Continental Railway Journeys is a BBC show where a former British politician uses an early 20th century Bradshaws tour book and travels throughout Europe via train. I believe some of these may have been shown on PBS but many are now available on YouTube. I have put some links below for a few episodes but you can do a full search on YouTube for “Great Continental Railway Journeys”.

    Great Continental Railway Journeys YouTube Episode One
    Great Continental Railway Journeys YouTube Season 2 Episode 5

    There are a number of other shows in the same vain where early tour books are used to recreate journeys. Here are a few links.

    Great American Railway Journeys----- YouTube Link

    Great Indian Railway Journeys ----- YouTube Link

    Great Asian Railway Journeys ----- YouTube Link

    Great Australian Railway Journeys ----- YouTube Link

    Great British Railway Journeys ----- YouTube Link

    All these are worthwhile watches in my opinion. Best viewed on a bigger screen TV. Happy viewing.

  • Thanks everyone for all the wonderful travel shows to watch. Curious Traveler is a great show. I used to watch it all the time. I just found another great show to watch the other day and that is "Samantha Brown's - Places to Love". You can find it under the website and scroll down to the section entitled Must Watch. There are 30 minute episodes for both the US and International locations and the site covers 3 seasons. I am going thru travel withdrawal and all of these travel shows lift my spirits until things start to open again.

  • A couple of lower key limited UK series that pop up on PBS occasionally and are available on Acorn and YouTube: Penelope Keith's "Coastal Villages," "Hidden Villages," and "Village of the Year"; and "Vintage Roads Great and Small" ("Great British Car Journeys") where Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison, two former stars of the James Herriot inspired series "All Creatures Great and Small" travel various iconic old UK roadways in a classic 1936 Morgan 4/4.

  • Another show that looks to be interesting is Men in Kilts. It is a Scottish road trip with two of the actors from the Outlander TV series. It is advertised on Starz network as “Two blokes on the adventure of a lifetime. Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham is coming soon to STARZ.” I don’t know when this will be available, but it is on our watch list.

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