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I've purchased my own domain for travel photos, covering a variety of countries, and discontinued the previous interface. The galleries are being updated and added to continuously, particularly since I'm SIP. Many Tauck trips are included. I'm also developing a section "For Men Only" -- images made from various airshows and air museums -- but, ladies are welcome, LOL.




  • Not seen you post for a while. Enjoy your past photos. I’m not sure it is Ok to suggest just men might enjoy air shows etc.

  • Haven't run across anyone that had questions about photo stuff, British. Camera industry is changing rapidly, as you might surmise, from the increasing effectiveness and ubiquitiveness of the smart phone. Olympus, for example, is in the process of selling off its division; Canon and Nikon have had long-standing declines in sales. We had planned on Tauck Japan, a return trip, as my wife has relatives there. But things are in limbo.

  • Cathyandsteve, I looked through some of your photos. Noticed all the Jamaica trips. We honeymooned there a few years before your first trip at a place called Jamaica Jamaica near Ocho Rios. I think it's long gone bought by another chain. Our first experience with all inclusive travel. Where did you get the matching outfits?

  • Cool sites. I notice they're also offering matching face masks - our new fashion accessory. My husband did two tours in Hawaii years ago and had a couple of shirts he couldn't fit into anymore. Had sewn him a quilt using them but found just enough left over recently to make a mask. His new favorite. If we have to wear masks on our next Tauck tour I may make us matching ones.

  • Let’s see what happens. I would think it’s just more work to get masks made and then be landed with unsold ones. As no one is traveling with Tauck at the moment, will they want to wear them. I’m concerned with the number of masks we will need to take with us on a tour. Taking up valuable suitcase space. At least 100 disposable each I would think. We use Cloth masks, but trying to wash and dry masks on tour would be rally difficult because trying to get things dry in some hotel rooms is really difficult.

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    I suspect if Tauck provides they would be disposable ones. Would likely also provide hand sanitizer. It's taken some trial and error to find the right mask that my husband and I prefer so if we have to wear them on a tour next year I'll sew enough to have extra during the day and time for them to dry. Another use for the hair dryer.

  • Doug: Oh my goodness, your images are so amazing. You have a keen eye. I have always loved Photography and it is my most favorite Hobby along with Travel, the two go hand in hand. I love the images of India, this is a country that I have wanted to travel to for a very long time. I would love to take the Tauck trip one day as I think it would be an amazing photo opportunity. I also enjoyed your Cuba images. I traveled to Cuba in 2017 for a 2 week educational, cultural and photographic trip organized by the amazing Photographer Bill Bachmann, who unfortunately is now deceased. He had given our Camera Club a photography presentation in 2016 and I am so glad I made the decision to go on that trip. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you mind if I share your photography link with my Camera Club? I think they would enjoy your photos.

  • Cathy: Thank you for sharing your photos. I look forward to viewing them and reading your journal. I started to look at the Tauck Amsterdam to Budapest album. I was amazed that there was nobody to greet or help you when you arrived at the ship. This is most unusual for Tauck. I have been on two Tauck River cruises (Amsterdam to Basel and Budapest to the Black Sea) and they were both amazing from beginning to end and there was always an entire crew to greet us upon our arrival. How unfortunate this happened to you on your first river cruise with Tauck. Very unusual.

  • Cathy: I love all the matching outfits. Wonderful. Also, I looked at several of the albums and you two don't seem to age? I am sure it is due to enjoying each other and living life to its fullest every day.

  • I feel honored that you would share the images with your club, travel maven. While SIP, have been taking Blake Rudis' 30 day Photoshop course. It's exhausting -- although I've been using some form of the program for decades, this course drills down to the nitty gritty, and it takes me 5-8 hours a day to master a particular set of techniques. I'm sure the art school kids can learn much faster.

    My images are mostly printed on 13 x 19 Hahnemuhle museum quality matte paper, the effect is that the inks soak into the paper, and the images look like water color paintings, especially when double matted and framed. I have about twenty of them in a basement converted to a photo-gallery, audio room. So, SIP isn't too painful. LOL. I've sold a few to family and friends, with the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

    India was simply fantastic. As you might discern, I enjoy environmental portraits -- people in their environments, most of all, and the folks in India were incredibly cooperative and fun, and unique.

    My wife and I are slated to go back to Japan with Tauck, and we've visited her relatives there in the past. It's another great, photographer-friendly destination. Last time we hit it during a kimono wearing holiday.

  • Part of the beauty of these trips is the perspective it gives one. I was working on some images, and the one below reminded me that our current strife is not unfamiliar.

  • Is that photo of Northern Ireland?

  • It certainly looks like the type of housing.

  • I thought the murals.there were very interesting.

  • Yes. Belfast -- from a Tauck bus in the rain. LOL.

  • BTW the claim of the guide was that, I believe, 80%+ of the schools were now integrated -- Catholics and Protestants of course.

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