Tauck cancelled tours up to September 15, 2020



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    I have a tour to New Mexico with a departure date of October 9 that still has not been canceled. It has me wondering if Tauck is going to start delaying cancellations until after the final payment is made with the hope that we will let them bank all payments with a $500 incentive. Obviously, this is more to their advantage than canceling sooner and only banking a deposit.

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    There has been no evidence to suggest that Tauck is planning to proceed as suggested. To the contrary, it appears that they are working on the September departures. Our September tour was cancelled the week before final payment was due. If you are concerned, you may want to give them a call.

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    They've been doing it in chunks. Our 4 Sep tour was cancelled and we received a call from them 3 weeks ago when all tours thru 15 Sep were canceled. Then on the 21st the message on the main Tauck website was updated. Right now they've been calling people with tours the second half of Sep. I'd expect you will get a call in the next couple weeks about the time they update the announcement that all tours thru the end of Sep have been cancelled. Fyi, I live in NM and we are still in a 14 day quarantine thru at least the end of Aug.

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    I believe the tours were planning to restart in September but Tauck made the decision to suspend until further notice.
    I have a trip booked for New Orleans in October but I was still iffy about traveling.
    I always make my own airline reservations and wait until six weeks before booking. I didn't book the flights yet.

    I plan on calling them especially since I got the email about the company feeling the timing of starting in September was not right.

    I assume upcoming travelers received the same email.

    Thanks for any responses.

    Personally, I don't even know if 2021 will be safe for traveling.

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    I got that e-mail, too, and wasn't sure exactly what it meant. I'm hoping that Tauck is planning to move forward with its 2021 trips, subject to cancellation if necessary.

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    ~~~~_Hi Cathy,
    I just got off the phone with Tauck to discuss my options.I need to go over my notes because she told me three options.
    First, she explained a rep would have called me soon to let me know trip was canceled. The same should apply to everyone traveling after September.
    I agree it sounds like 2021 tours are going forward, but subject to change.
    My trip for New Orleans next October was not open. Working on adding more dates for many tours.
    I decided to take the Tauck Wallet and will still get everything I had with initial booking, but rates I'm sure will go up.

    I'm disappointed but I took action today and I feel better that I cleared it up.
    Traveling for me is stressful: re: packing, flying, etc.
    Although once I'm there I love it..
    Who needs more complications with too much uncertainty is in the world._~~~~

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