How Corona virus impacts Africa


  • I have read that once things open up, the safari experience may not be the same right away, as the lack of interactions with humans may change the disposition of animals around people until they get reacquainted.

  • milmil
    edited July 2020

    Sevenseas , hello.
    regarding animals getting reacquainted to people and the jeeps being around, the safari guides are touring themselves all the bushes checking the status of the animals and to have them back in track. They started doing this about a month ago.. together with the virtual safaris, to promote the areas and give people a sense of the outside in the wild feeling. BBC and National Geo. are doing also virtual docummentaries in Africa and some Safari companies are donating money and food to the community through the sale of photographs taken by guides and famous wild photographers.

  • British: I am so glad we were able to view these wonderful animals up close! I have had two medical issues this summer (including one surgery) and likely will never be able to do a gorilla hike again. I am so happy to have had that opportunity last December! I am hoping that I can do some more sedate Tauck tours next year. Hope we have a pandemic vaccine very soon. Am hoping to spend Christmas week in Hawaii with my sister but at this time that is not looking hopeful.

    Hope all is well with you and Mr. British.

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