Booking Airfare for 2021 trips

Any thoughts on when a good time to book airfare for postponed trips in 2021?
I postponed my River cruise from April 2020 to April 2021, going to let Tauck do it less of a hassle.
Thanks reading to travel again going stir crazy


  • CATSOOS - I have an April 2021 river cruise and Tauck booked my airfare last month.

  • If you're not using frequent flier miles, I would wait until at least October. Six months out is typically a good time to book. However, you may want to wait until there is an approved vaccine.

  • If you let Tauck book the air, they book whenever they want, you don't chose unless you want them to book now, but, in any case, you should get the price and let them know now. The fare is whatever they quote you up-front (I assume the fare is a Tauck or tour company contract rate, because with some companies, like Delta, you don't earn full frequent flyer miles with an unpublished "discount" fare.) Also, with some airlines like Delta, Tauck can even book your seat or give you the confirmation number so you can book seats yourself. If you are not buying tickets through Tauck, I find in the past, the best rates are at the start of the 330-days-prior-to-star-of-return-flight booking window, at least for business class. I always book at the start of the 330 window (window may vary by airline) and beat Tauck fares. Of course now with COVID, it is probably wiser to book through Tauck.

    The window for 20 April 2021 opened on 26 May 2020

  • I agree 100% with Ken f V.

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