Sheltering In Place for Photobugs



  • Doug, I think the image of the Chief is stunning, actually. I do not fault you for trying to save an amazing image of the chief when the back ground is unusable. I have done the same thing and sometimes, successfully, changed the image to black and white. Thank you so much for sharing your images and expertise on the subject of Photography. I agree with your synopsis of "old school" photography using DSLRs may eventually fade away as the phone cameras become more advanced and also have the ability to crop and update certain aspects of contrast, exposure, etc. I have used them myself as I always have my phone with me so as one of my camera club members always says "shoot with what you have". Also, the smart phones take amazing images in low light and amazing videos. I don't know that I will ever give up my DSLR only because I have always loved the science of Photography since I was a teenager. So keep up the wonderful work and hopefully soon, happy travels.

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    Thanks, hope to meet you on a trip. Interestingly, Dickman says that when you have a camera hanging around your neck, you should go into hyperalert mode, and watch for photographic opportunities.

    BTW, here's a technical thing: many programs simply desaturate to produce a BW photo. But, to retain the tonal and luminosity values in a photo, for more subtlety, use Photoshop. If you have the Adobe subscription, from Lightroom Press Cmd+E which takes you into Photoshop. Goto Adjustment layer> GRADIENT MAP, and the image changes to BW; the program retains all the colors as variations of BW with all it's subtle tones. It is the BEST conversion, one can get, says Blake Rudis. Then add a Curves adjustment layer and tweak the blacks and whites to your liking with a graphical S curve. Here is the woman you saw before:

  • I second that. Doug, thanks for sharing!

  • Yes, thank you so much Doug.

  • I am partial to black and white photos. I prefer the photo of the woman in black and white. I don't have the Adobe photo subscription, just the Lightroom software which I bought outright. I don't really like subscriptions, although I know they have many benefits including the latest software updates. For Black and White, I use the filters provided in Lightroom or go to the NIK software, which I downloaded for free a few years back. I am frugal. Thanks for the photoshop tip though Lightroom works for me for the time being.

  • Of course. Happy to have had you as part of this dialogue.


  • I've started an OPT-IN list. I've decided to continue sharing my Photoshop practice images, and will send them out privately on an intermittent basis. If you would like to be on the list, email me at [email protected] so I can send you the images. Opt out at any time. Some of the images you may have already seen. The caveat is that I might stop the project at any time, and, of course, no guarantee that the practice images will be all that good. But, it might be fun to remind ourselves of far away places.

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