The half billion year old sandstone rock has been returned to the Pitjantjatjara people who regard it as sacred.  Climbing the rock was finally prohibited in 2017, after a number of deaths, tourists doing strip-teases on it, etc.

This picture was taken on our Australia/New Zealand Tauck trip in November, 2017 -- a fantastic Tauck tour.  Taken in multiple segments and stitched together in Adobe Lightroom, it presents a beautiful and detailed panorama of Uluru.  But, it lacked a subject or point of interest.
So, in last night's Photoshop practice exercise, the African Crested Cranes were added -- hope you don't mind the visual play.  ;)


  • Beautifully captured stitched together. I remember our night in Uluru...champagne and canapes & and watching in amazement as the color of the rock appeared to change as the sun began to go down and then see it in completely different light during the day. I was on the Australia -New Zealand tour in 2012. Another great Tauck adventure.

  • Grand Australia and New Zealand October 2018 -- My favorite Tauck tour! Unfortunately, my photos don't look anything like Doug's.

  • Sigh, travel lust. Fortunately, leaves are turning here in CT, so the walks are pretty, and I love the crisp morning air. I strap on my camera, even if I have to take pics of the transformers on top of the poles, less I forget how to navigate my camera menus.

  • Images_Quirky_Eye - Instead of pasting in the African Crested Cranes you should paste in yourself. You could start a game, "Where in the World is Quirky Eye?"

    Do you do any stellar photography. If so, I'm sure you could create some amazing pictures of the stars, planets, comets, etc.

  • LOL. I loved the Crested Cranes -- they have a old Japanese rice painting look that my wife loves, so we distributed prints to her friends and relatives. I have no desire to be in the photos. But, if you didn't catch it before, I put a Hippo In Iceland. LOL. And stellar stuff, I'll leave to the stars.

  • Where in the world is Quirky Eye? Unfortunately, Sheltering In Place. Stay safe and well, and kind regards. Doug

  • Composite. Eagle, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney, Australia (2017). Flag, local shopping plaza.

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