Silk in China

Just in case anyone ever wants to visit China in the future......today I finally put the Silk Duvet cover on our bed that I bought at the visit to the silk factory one year ago. I think it cost $100 for King size and two pillowcases. Yes, I like color!


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    British: The duvet is gorgeous!! Red is my favorite color. Wish I lived close enough to see this in person. Hope you and Mr. British are well. Also wish we could resume travel very soon - I am going crazy stuck at home! My sister and I are supposed to spend Christmas week at the Royal Hawaiian hotel on Waikiki but hope for that is fading fast. Best wishes to you.

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    British the Duvet is beautiful. I love color as well. smarks50...The Royal Hawaiian is absolutely fabulous. The grounds are gorgeous, the rooms, the breakfast...everything about it is great. I certainly hope you get to spend the Christmas holiday there. Cheers!

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    PureLuxury. Thanks for your comments. I have spent a number of holidays at the Royal Hawaiian so I know exactly what you mean. I skipped Christmas there last year to do the December Tauck gorilla trek (with British, Mr. British and a number of others) so was really looking forward to a tropical Christmas holiday this year. Seems like a vaccine will not be ready in time so it is unlikely that we can make this journey. Thanks for your happy wishes.

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