I am still hoping for international travel before next year. Just wanted to give folks a heads up that it took slightly more than three months to get our U.S. passports renewed. We received them today, and had not requested expedited processing.


  • Thanks, Lotusgirl, for the information. I had read on the State Department's website that it could take several months for renewals. I will be mailing all the applicable documents next week. My trip is not until November but I will probably pay for expediting since I am concerned about having such an important document out of my possession for so long. Let's hope our planned trips come to fruition!

  • When we renewed our passports last year, our travel agent strongly suggested paying for the expedited service. It was before the pandemic but she felt the same way about risking a slow renewal with the documents out of our hands too long. Our renewal went very quickly.

  • I always use expedited service. I hate to be without my passport!

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