Australia/New Zealand Speculation

Hello! Like everyone else hanging out on this forum, we are READY to travel. We cancelled a Jan Hawaii trip because who wants to go when the current situation calls for heavy regulation. We are doing Utah on our own this April/May, flying into and out of LAS and spending plenty of time wandering. It's been planned and reserved for almost a year now. We have reservations for the Tauck Australia/NZ trip that begins Oct. 2. I've kept an eye on Qantas and they have flights for sale again, and at a decent price. BUT, I don't want to get myself into a pinch. Anyone want to speculate about Australia and NZ travel? Any thoughts on this topic?


  • Don’t even think about it!

  • We canceled our Nov/Dec trip. We don't think international travel will happen this year. Most places are way behind on vaccinations, IF they've even started at all. Too many strains and variations happening. Most travel magazines, AAA, etc, don't think travel will resume this year.

  • Totally agree; international travel in 2021 isn't going to happen. Any trip that does attempt to operate will be subject to ever-changing laws and guidelines and overwhelming, enjoyment crushing restrictions. Sad, but true.

  • Calaf
    ... overwhelming, enjoyment crushing restrictions

    I like your phraseology.

  • Anxiously awaiting any guidance from Tauck, as we are also scheduled for the October 2 trip. Now the NZ PM has declared that Auckland is on lock down, and NZ is likely to continue border closure to international travel until the end of the year. How long are we expected to wait for a clear decision of Go or No Go? We have other travel options if this trip falls through, but they will diminish the longer the uncertainty continues.

  • You can call Tauck, but they will probably say it’s too soon to make a decision. If you have other SURE options, you can always cancel. We too are in the same position as you for several tours, if it’s too late to book others, it is annoying, but anywhere for a change will substitute for us for this year and maybe next. We usually book almost two years in advance with Tauck, so it’s truly disappointing.

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