• I asked people to guess where the above photos might have been taken
    The answer is at Walvis Bay off the coast of Namibia. We went out on a catamaran. It’s not uncommon for pelicans to land in the boat, which this one did. I have better photos but I always find it difficult to find them on the very small thumbnails that show up wit the photo icon on the Tauck forum. You don’t realize how huge these birds are until one is standing next to you. Neither of the women are me in the photo by the way.
    The seal also came into the boat......the story goes thst years ago, fishermen spotted a seal tangled in netting, they tried to help it by attracting it to come near them by offering fish. It eventually came near and they removed the netting. The next time they went out, the same seal came over to the boat and eventually started jumping into the boat for fish. Now, many of the seals jump into boats. My picture is one of those seals. There is a seal island in the harbor which was covered in seals and there was a very pungent smell wafting over to us and of coins it was very noisy.
    We also saw a sun fish or Mola, they are rare to see. The guide pointed to its large dorsal fin sticking out of the water right by our boat and we could see its huge body outlined under the water. I’ll try to post a you tube video I just found of one. I’ll post some info about WALVIS Bay too. It has a distinctly German feel to the town as Namibia was once a German colony. The hotel we stayed in had menus in German as the first language and that is where Mr B ate Zebra.

  • This is the sun fish video

  • Heck with the Mola, I want one of those submersibles! :)

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