Tauck Forum Participant Responsibilities and Pledge

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I'm feeling a bit philosophical today. :)

I think everyone will agree, the Tauck Travel Forums have helped us get through these trying times. This is not a written Tauck policy, not official, and certainly can't be enforced, and we are not out of the woods yet, but I would like everyone who has participated in the forums since tours ceased in 2020 due to COVID and those who have just lurked, to make the following pledge-

"When I am lucky enough to travel with Tauck again and have completed each tour, I ,as a loyal Taucktourian, pledge to return to the forums and make my best efforts to post information about my tour. I will post topics that seem important to me and may be useful to future travelers on that tour, including itinerary, air travel, highlights, suggestions for pre-, post-, and on-tour activities, hints, do's, don't's, etc., etc. I will visit the forum regularly to answer questions subsequently posted by others. To the best of my ability and self-control >:) , I will refrain from revealing Tauck surprises."


  • I agree with you, Alan. I think that's a great idea. I used to prepare a Trip Report after I returned from a Tauck trip and post it on the forum, but I got a bit lazy later on. I even found a copy of one of my reports from a 2005 Scandinavia Tour and placed it in my scrap book album. I love reading the trip comments and find them very helpful.

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    I usually post an informational report on my trips. I’ve learned so much when other people post them

  • It will be awesome to share recent travel experiences. It feels like we’ve been living in a cave and are anxious to begin traveling again.

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