Cruise Canceled for September

I learned today that my “Bordeaux & Iberian Charms” cruise departing September 23 is canceled. I wanted to reschedule for next year but that info is not available yet. Tauck still hasn’t made a decision about my Bali trip scheduled to depart mid-August. I was surprised they made a decision about a September departure before an August departure.


  • Sorry to hear that Smarks. We continue to wait for our July Scandinavia tour to be canceled but have just booked an Africa tour with Tauck for July 2022. The decision to cancel our September Japan tour has been put back another month, by the other tour company...we are now in the middle of negotiating a change without penalty for a two week tour of Costa Rica instead.

  • There are a number of factors Tauck uses when making decisions to cancel. Our XMAS Mkts 2021 cruise and a number of river cruises were cancelled back in February. So tours require longer range planning and coordination.

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