Sep 2021 Trip a Go



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    The 'stream is 28 ft from hitch to tail though the model is a 27FB - front bedroom. The 1 Ton Ford barely knows its there which makes towing thru the mountains much easier. The ATV's are loaded using a set of 12' ramps. The truck topper is made of diamond plate with rails that the ramp hooks to. My husband loads/unloads them - I'm a wimpy atv rider.

    We've mostly ridden in Colorado and Utah. My husband is really frustrated that it's been too long since we've made a trip. Too hard to find camping last year, this spring/summer we had to stay close because of the knee surgery thing, and now it looks like Europe in Sep.

    We love our stream. It has much better views and airflow than our 5th wheel. Is easy to park and get underway. After 12 years we've made lots of additions like the solar panel and got it pretty well organized for the essentials.

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    AlanS, are you volunteering?

    As long as my food, lodging and transportation are paid for, I will haul luggage for anyone on select Tauck tours- Hawaii, Africa, Australia, etc. :D

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    Claudia, we are doing this trip in October. We look forward to hearing about your journey. Safe travels!!

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    We will be on the tour with you! United sent me a text Friday night saying we needed a Covid test so I spent the weekend trying to schedule one. Everything the French official website says proof of vaccination is acceptable so I cancelled the test and decided to not worry about it. We are so looking forward to traveling again!

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