October 8, 2022

Hi! My husband and I just booked this wonderful tour for 2022. Would like to hear from others who will be joining us.


  • Hi nyfeds.

    I see no one has responded, perhaps because your tour date is so far off. I have not taken this tour but have visited the area twice, both times by enjoying bed and breakfast inns on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. We toured Newport, RI, on Tauck's Grand New England excursion many years ago.

    I hope you like seafood! Enjoy.

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    Thank you so very much. Hoping others on our tour will post as we get closer to our tour date. We toured with Tauck many years ago through New England. Time to return and more fully tour Cape Cod. And, yes, we love seafood. :)

  • If I did this trip I would have to find my way to Rockport. I was born in Boston but lived in Rockport where we had a forty-two foot yawl named “Scylla”, the same name as the company that runs Tauck’s river boats.

  • nyfeds - I haven't looked at the itinerary for your trip, but I hope you get to have a traditional clam bake on the beach. So much fun! Terribly messy, but fun.

    Sealord - A fun and relaxing trip from Boston to Rockport is by train and ferry. You can take the train from Boston to Salem and then take a ferry from Salem to Rockport.

  • While not listed in itinerary, in Oak Bluffs, the TD will no doubt point out not only its colorful gingerbread cottages, but also the Camp Meeting Association's 19th-century Tabernacle building. Both come with fascinating history and were off-the-beaten-path highlights of this tour.

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