Treasures of the Mediterranean Isles



  • MIL: I recognize the people in the pictures, but we are not in any of them. My wife is a very petite blonde, and I am a white haired … non-petite. (;-)

  • Yep, I didn't think any of them were you..

  • Beautiful photos Sealord. And nice to read in another post that you were "parked" next to Wind Surf. Thank you for the posts and commentary. Malta looks fabulous.

  • We had a good time in Malta. We were off the ship so we were free to roam as we pleased. No masks except indoors. I said in another post that in ‘my’ pictures of the farewell dinner all the men wore jackets … in my pictures. There were a few people in shorts and flip flops … they looked a bit out of place. Our dining partners were all dressed for the occasion. The French on the ship made some look like the ‘Beverly Hillbillys’. Once on the “Star Breeze”, and once on “Le Bougainville” we saw people refused entry into the restaurant due to inappropriate attire. ‘In some cases, if you don’t ‘dress’ you may eat in your room. Neither ship requires formal wear, just nice casual clothes for dinner … no shorts, flip flops, jogging shoes, tank tops, jeans with holes … etc.

  • How nice that there are still standards in place somewhere.

  • Sealord: Can you tell me anything about the type of room Tauck provided at the Marriott in Malta? Are arriving before and want to book same type of room. Any other suggestions are gladly appreciated Alan B

  • Our room in Malta had a nice view of the harbor. I think otherwise normal.

  • My question to Seaford is open for all to answer. Thanks.

  • The Bone, I haven't done this tour so I can't answer from experience on the tour but looking at the website for the hotel the main differences between the rooms are number of beds and view. Based on past experience with Tauck, you aren't likely to get 2 queen beds vs a king unless you request it so assume it's a king bed room. That leaves the view - city, courtyard or sea. The problem with asking previous travelers is that unless a hotel has pretty much all the same room views, different members of the tour will have different views. Ex: in Switzerland we had one of the best rooms in Zermatt (mini-suite, dbl balconies) then in Lucerne we were staring at a parking garage. Does the view matter to you? Would you be willing to pay extra to upgrade the Tauck room so you didn't have to move? When it gets closer to the tour you could contact the hotel directly and explain the situation. Alternatively, you might want to call Tauck though the agents don't always know that level of detail.

    Best of luck.

  • I think the Tauck standard request is the best rooms that are available within a certain category. We had King beds and a very good ‘beach’ view. Our traveling companions had a room on the same side with a similar view. I have in the past booked an early arrival room at the same hotel on my own to get a better rate for the ‘arrive early’ night, and then tried to make sure I stayed in the same room and did not have to move. After much hassle I succeeded in not having to move, but I think in that case I would have had a better room if I booked it through Tauck. The ‘special rates’ are often offered on rooms in the same ‘category’ but they are often next to the ice machine, the elevator, the maid’s supply room, etc. No problem with the ice machine in Malta. (;-).

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