Tauck pushing Canada trip deadlines to the last minute

Tauck is apparently hoping that they can get their Canada trips restarted at the last minute. My September Canadian Maritimes trip now shows a payment due date of August 15, less than a month before the start of our tour. The border is closed until at least July 21 and although the Canadians are makings noises about reopening to vaccinated travelers, nothing definite has been announced (and probably won't be until near July 21 at the earliest). It's all contingent on 75% of Canadians being fully vaccinated with less than 20% vaccinated as of late June. If Canada sees some reluctance to the vaccine, it could be months. I'm sure not booking my flights until there is more certainty.


  • I certainly hope your tour comes to fruition, Ken from Vegas. This tour is on my list for future travel. Please be sure to post a review upon your return.

  • I tried to like Ken’s post…we hope to take the Maritimes tour also…hit LOL instead…can’t erase it! So hope Canada opens soon!

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    Nancy, I hit LOL for your post, got the number 1, then clicked LOL again and the number went away. I did the same for Ken's post- LOL number went from 1 to 2. Then I clicked on it again and the number went back to 1. Try that. :) Oh, if when you click on LOL, the number increases to 2, then the LOL that is showing now wasn't yours. :)

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    When Canada first opens up, are there going to be flights available for those people who have tours immediately after it opens. Haven’t many flights been cancelled weeks ago. Flights we had booked for other tours were cancelled months before the tours were supposed to happen. Can the airlines get onto it thst fast?
    We had yet another letter from Tauck this week pushing to sell its 2021 tours

  • I’m wondering even if Canada should open will they really be ready to handle the tourists. We went to a resort in western Pennsylvania for a short getaway a few weeks ago. The resort still was at a reduced capacity (maybe 75-80%). Not all the restaurants were open and some only on the weekend due to staffing shortages. Some of the local attractions weren’t fully open either. We were hoping to do the Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island tour this year but decided to wait til next year. And British you are right about flight availability. Options are limited.

  • We were scheduled for Rocky Mountaineer trip for August 5th but have decided to push back till next summer. We had already rescheduled from last year, Even if the Canadian border opens to non Canadians, which we doubt, the thought of all the Covid tests before and upon arrival and the wearing of the mask on the train is less than appealing. We would rather wait until things settle down a bit.

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    NJColleen, we took the Nova
    Scotia and PEI tour a few years ago and loved it. Be sure to look out for poutine!
    Eleonore, it’s amazing how quickly things are changing from week to week. I live in PA and restaurants are now full. When we were in South Carolina just a few weeks ago, it was the first time we had seen no mask wearing and chock full restaurants there. We just booked a six night stay in Chicago for October….we have only been there once on a very wet Memorial Day weekend for a wedding. That will be our first time back on a plane…I’m thinking everything will be back to normal by then……but who knows, at least there should be no testing required since our state has good vaccine uptake.
    Sadly, I was talking to a friend in England just yesterday, she works at a Covid vaccine clinic, there are so few appointments being taken up this week that it has been canceled. I guess it’s just a lot of anti vaccers around now

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