Will Tauck help with getting Covid testing before returning to US. Have a 5am flight and there is a curfew in Lisbon from 3pm Friday to 5am Monday. Will we be able to get to airport. Because of curfew will our tour plans change on last day.
Have had no call back from Tauck. Unexpected high volumes of calls according to Peter Tauck:this was also message before pandemic and not corrected. Paddymac


  • I have commented on this in several other threads. The weekend curfew does not pertain to vaccinated tourists. The original intent of the curfew in Lisbon was to keep its unvaccinated/untested residents from leaving city limits.

    Yes, Tauck will assist you in finding a testing site before you depart Lisbon.

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    As I understand it, Tauck will take the group to the testing site, but you have to pay. This has been on the website. I don’t think they take you if you are staying after, but will help.
    Why on earth do Tauck keep saying Unexpected high volume!

  • Thanks Do you know about curfew in Lisbon and ability to get to airport for early flight

  • paddymac - See my 0914 note above. Tauck will transport you to the airport.

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    paddymac Hi!
    Curfew doesn't apply to tourist during their visit if they are with the group during day time till 10:00 pm , if you're staying xtra days on your own, take the Vaccine card with you and a copy of your passport. on you all time , still being the curfew just for the locals you really won't find anything to do at night once curfew starts...
    Curfew doesn't apply to tourist headed to airport to depart. and you would have your prove of 1st. full vaccination- 2nd your air ticket and passport.
    Do not worry.

  • Thanks. Got no response from Tauck when left phone number for call back.

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