This is our second try to go on this trip. Hopefully, this will really happen in 2022. If others are booked on this date, we would enjoy chatting with you!


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    We should have taken this tour a year ago and had booked it 18 months out. Had organized staying on in Venice too, so looking forward to seeing there again after forty years, back then it was dirty, rats everywhere, and very very expensive. I know it’s diffeent now.We didn’t re-book it. Would love to see a review from you when you return.

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    British: Venice is one of our favorite places to visit! It is magical and we are planning on staying a few days after the trip too. Keeping our fingers crossed that this time it will happen.

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    edited July 2021

    . . . . back then it was dirty, rats everywhere, and very very expensive. I know it’s different now. . . .

    Some things are different, some not. When we went it wasn't so dirty, besides trash from thoughtless tourists, and we didn't see any rats, but, depending on the tides that literally "flush" the lagoon and canals, Venice can smell a bit funky, especially in the heat of summer.

    Even today the city only has a primitive mix of septic tanks and ancient "gatoli" which discharge into the canals, but there is nothing approaching a modern sewer system. More than 6000 septic tanks have been installed as a modern solution but still, many households and areas lack these. You can read about it if that sort of thing interests you, but ,suffice it to say, you don't ever want to swim in a canal or even in St. Marks Square when it floods!!!! ? :o Think about that when you see photos of kids (and adults) frolicking in a flooded St. Marks Square. gamma globulin shot, anyone?

    It is expensive however, so much so that most workers can't afford to live there, they commute from the mainland. Though it is Italy's 11th largest city, there are currently less than 55,000 year round residents and this number is shrinking.

    Besides (over) tourism and (massive) cruise ships, the other big problem with Venice is water- the city suffers from a double whammy- it is literally sinking and the water level is rising due to climate change. Hopefully, the new system of underwater flood barriers that is supposed to be fully operational by the autumn of 2021, will reduce the impact of the acqua alta.

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    We went on the Adriatic Treasures tour pre-Covid (2019). It was a wonderful tour. We had originally booked a cruise (with another company) but changed our mind and went with this land tour. The main reason we changed is that you're somewhat limited by a cruise. The excursions can only go so far into the country because of time - so mostly you see the coast.

    I blog all of our trips and you can see this one at https://www.mikeandjudytravel.com/2019-2Adriatic-01.htm When you look at it, remember that it was pre-Covid.

    We stayed in Venice a few days after the tour and I'm glad we did. I would definitely recommend this tour.

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    Hopefully we are going on this trip in mid June 2022. We have had to cancel twice due to covid. would love any suggestions you have. thanks

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