August 13, 2021 Iceland Cruise

Many thanks to all the travelers who took the time to post comments on the Iceland forum. We arrive on 8/12/21 and start the cruise on 8/13. I think I've found everything I need to know from all the posts - shoes, clothes, weather, tours, Blue Lagoon, COVID testing (UGH), etc. My husband and I are looking forward to a great trip with the help of all your suggestions!


  • Agree with Marie's comments - such a wealth of information from our fellow travelers. We are also arriving on 8/12/21 for an extra day in Reykjavik before the trip begins. Do any of the travelers from the late July cruises have any updates as to COVID protocols and testing in Iceland and onboard since the first posts? We'd also love to have any suggestions for excursion choices and the process they use to sign up for these tours. This is our first tour with Tauck and are looking forward to our trip!

  • CruiserBob - We'd also love to have any suggestions for excursion choices and the process they use to sign up for these tours.

    We made our final excursion choices and submitted them to the TD the morning the tour was to start. There were several forms that we had to fill out and provide to the TD.

    Here were our excursion choices:

    Day 2 - Bird and Marine Life excursion - after about a 30 minute coach ride we boarded a fishing boat which took us out around a couple of islands where we saw gulls, arctic terns, cormorants, and puffins. On one of the islands we saw some of the long haired sheep as well. Later the boat, having drug a device along the bottom which they hoisted up and emptied onto the boat. The catch was a variety of things, but the goal was to catch fresh scallops which they did. The crew shucked the scallops and offered them to anyone them wanted them. My wife and niece didn't want any. I probably had about six.

    Day 4 - Myvatn Nature Baths and Godafoss - Originally, in the pre-tour information, these venues were on different choices. When we arrived we were pleased to see they offered an excursion that included both. Both of these venues were great. They opened the nature baths just for the Tauck guests. I don't know if this is how it always is or we just lucked out to have the place all to ourselves.

    Day 5 - Vigur Island - after about a 30 minute boat ride we docked at Vigur Island, a privately owned island. A local guide took us on a walk around the island. When we were then in early July it was nesting season for the birds. The Arctic terns are very protective of their nests (the Eider ducks were just the opposite). We were provided three foot sticks with flags on the top to carry to help deter the terns for attacking (they were moderately successful). Wearing a hat is recommended. During the walk we saw seals, arctic terns, Eider ducks, puffins, and a couple of other species that I can't remember. In addition, we saw arctic tern and Eider duck nests and a few chicks. They harvest the Eider from the nests. After the walk we were provided drinks and Icelandic pastries before heading back to the ship.

    Day 7 - We opted to do the Blue Lagoon. Again very nice, but not the private (Tauck only) experience we had at Myvatn.

  • Thanks for all the previous comments about the excursions, etc.
    I am also interested in the COVID protocols for travel since July 27, 2021. Specifically, how quickly does the Iceland ( site send you an e-mail after you pre-register? I'm hoping something arrives, so I can print it out before leaving the US. What documents related to Covid did you have to show upon arrival in Iceland at the airport beyond your Vaccination Card and PCR Test Result? Thanks in advance for any info!

  • We just came back from our wonderful Iceland trip on August 4. Dress in layers! Don't bring an unbrella; the wind will turn it upside down. I wore gloves often. Upon arrival in Iceland, you will have to show your form. When you register within the 72 hour time frame, they will e-mail a confirmation back to you with a barcode. We received this and we printed it. They did ask to see it. I also printed my covid test that is required. I kept these items together with my passport. The covid test that was given on the ship was easy peasy. This is required entering the United States. Let me know if you have any other questions. You'll have a wonderful time. Judy

  • Our Travels - I'm curious as to what you saw w/r to birds. Where the puffins, arctic terns, eider ducks, etc. all in abundance? I have a friend that did an Iceland tour via a Viking cruise a couple of weeks later than you did and he said that by then the migrating birds (arctic terns) had left Iceland. He said it was past nesting season for all of the birds.

    When we did this tour starting June 30, 2021 the nesting season was in full force and the amount of birds and their behavior during nesting season was one of the major attractions of the tour. Was the nesting still active during your tour? Did you have to carry sticks on Vigur Island to fend off the arctic terns protecting their nests?

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